The gentlest and most humble and soft spoken human beings I have ever met. And yet his journey to fitness and body building has been awe inspiring.

Jha sir as we fondly call him had initiated my hubby to the gym at 15, so now almost 45yrs down the line he is family. I was introduced to him, when I developed an immense lower back pain, most common to women, after the first delivery. That was also my initiation to yoga, and a few basic but important exercises that he taught me then relieved me of that pain forever. I want to share his journey with you, as an inspiration. Let age not be the deciding factor of how healthy you should or can be. Jha sir has always maintained, “Success is the next step after you decide not to give up.”

Reading is a passion with him, and now over the last year that I have begun to do yoga with him again, we are enthralled by his knowledge of urdu shaiyari, historical facts, knowledge of the vedas and several stories of Indian valor. His knowledge extends into acupressure and even several forms of martial arts and laathi wielding which I definitely want to learn as my arm gets better. Maybe in the near future i can post my video along side this. As of now i can only make him promise me that he will teach me this precision.

At a time when Dara Singh was the epitome of strength and masculine power, Sadaykumar Jha was performing acts of blowing and bursting a hot water bag, infront of a small audience just as entertainment. We all have used the flattened rubber bag sometime in our early years before the electric heating pad came along. Imagine the lung power to be able to perform such a feat. But in those days where media was just some odd newspapers, only a few were privy to this unbelievable feat. We still get fascinated his pictures as he humbly tells me about his joy at meeting DaraSingh a one such event.


At 26 he left his hometown, Bhagalpur(bihar) to find his fortune in Mumbai. Having won several competitions as All India inter-university weightlifting in Ceylon(Silver), Bhagalpur university mahaveer padak, Bihar Olympic in discus throw (gold) and many many more. 3star medal from Govt of India in 1961 and 1962 in 3 level competition, he joined the Talwalkars in 1969 as a physical instructor  . He was adored and revered by many for his knowledge but the simple n satisfied man that he was, he never took advantage of the friendships and bonds that he developed over the years. We keep urging him to train more people so that many more can benefit in the years to come.

At 72 he has a body that could supersede most Indian men half his age. He doesn’t dye his hair, ‘cause he is worried he will look younger than his wife and that might provoke insecurity. We often tease him about it as he eloquently recites romantic poems and shaiyari to match the spoken topic. Today I write about him, to commemorate his journey which otherwise will get lost in time. This is my “gurudakshina” to you Sir. You are now on google history.

6 thoughts on “27 TO 72 AND STILL INSPIRING

  1. Vindu Reply

    Lovely article about Jha sir we all have trained at his gym in our school days Jha & Bana and even today he is super fit????????????????????????????????????????! Loving your blog ???

  2. Deepti Reply

    Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. Fitness is productivity. Being fit at the age of 72, is exceptionally coz of sheer involvement, dedication & love for exercise. Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear if you are in good shape.
    This was really an awesome, inspiring blog on Sir Jha.

  3. SNEHADAS Reply

    OVERWHELMING…..& stupenduos……. write up…. thnxxx for the informations! very interesting column… “age is no barrier,it’s a limitation you put on your mind”!

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