My New Year’s resolutions always begin with I believe, I will achieve and I will make sure that I inspire. Knowledge and success go hand in hand. Bettering myself today than what I was yesterday and imparting to others tomorrow what I have today, inspiring them to reach their goals is true achievement. At Back2basics, we soft launched 3 programs in December, helping people achieve and target health optimization. Happy clients have re-instated my belief that health is mind over matter. What we believe, we can achieve and what we achieve can be taken to an inspirational level.


My journey began with my own short comings. Till the begining of 2016, prioritizing ‘me’ and my health was nowhere on my goal plan. But 2015 ended giving me a rude shock, the immobility of my right hand. Bursitis of the rotator cuff, acute sub-acromial tendonitis, and de-alignment of the scapula, I was told. Doctors prescribed surgery, whereas I objected. There was a way out without surgery, I believed. As realization sunk in that I would be incapacitated to do even my basic daily activities, my frenzied brain began to search for hope. I educated myself about correct nutrition for the body, functional exercise to help with daily activities, and more than anything the strength of conviction and commitment to bettering myself each day. I believed that I could change things for myself without surgery and with perserverance and patience I did. I still call myself ‘work in progress’ as learning never stops. But 2017 changed me and with my 5 ‘D’s : desire, dedication, discipline, determination and diligence, I could achieve more than what I had hoped to achieve. I believed that with concentrated effort in the right direction one could alter our bodies to perform better, repair damage and optimize our health.The calcification which as hard as stone and had attatched itself to my bone causing the impingement and was the source of the pain gradually dissolved. Structural changes happened in my body making it stronger, increasing endurance and even raising the level of my immunity. As I realised that I wasn’t alone  and there were many like me who pushed nagging health issues into the background with the only excues, “it’s not life threatening.” They suffered their discomfort and pain day after day, not wanting to burder their family with it. Having gone through the same, I could empathise with the clients that came with their problems.  With this theory “Back2Basics” was born, where I went to the root or crux of the issue, understood their fears and encouraged them to reach their their goals. As their health improved so did their smiles.

Success for me happened with their happy smiles and them feeling better about themselves and overcoming their health issues. I am glad that I could inspire them to start their journey towards an optimizing their health through nutrition, fitness and mental well-being. Believing that I could, helped me achieve what most people would call inspirational.

The New Year begins with new dreams, new goals and new aspirations. I hope that I can inspire people to look after themselves, prioritize health and promote well-being of mind, body and soul. A healthier you is always a happier you..

Believe, achieve and inspire…..let’s celebrate life together in 2018.

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