Living in the moment is easier said than done as we all tend to dwell upon the times that have gone by, mistakes committed, broken promises, sometimes even past laurels and accomplishments can be a hindrance. Baggage that we chose to carry, both pleasant and unpleasant can be a deterrent to living in the moment.

I realized very early on that there will always be an “if” and a “maybe” in any decision one makes in life. There will always be a time where one would look back and reconsider the paths we have chosen. However if it is only for retrospection or introspection to make sure one doesn’t hurt another or falter again, its fine …other than that its always better to let bygones be bygones. What one cannot change one shouldn’t waste time questioning. Besides when anyone takes any decision it’s always taken in the best interests or at least hoping for the best results. No one walks into a pothole knowingly. Having said that, we tend to shift blame of our decisions on people and circumstances around us at that time and then lament later. Past failures or sorrows can bog down the beauty of what we might be able to experience if we are in sync with the “Now”.

But it’s not just the things that have gone wrong, it’s also preconceived notions of what we want our life to be. More so when we have led a privileged life or tasted success at the very onset. If we define our today by gratitude of yesterday it is okay…but if that creates expectations to be as perfect or get better then we might get let down. We are constantly reminded by people, books and all soul searching avenues that happiness lies in the journey and not the destination. But it does become difficult to focus when things are going awry, or when faced with unplanned circumstances, road blocks or failures.

Then how do we manage living in the moment?

By realizing that the only thing that is constant is the ever changing time. Each passing moment is lost forever if we do not indulge in it. It’s the conglomeration of several such moments that make memories. It is the totality of these memories that is “life”. Memories are created by living in the moment. When we can feel, see, hear, assimilate and react to what is happening around us. When we can sync ourselves to what is happening the experience is heightened as all our senses come into play. We are then able to receive and give in its entirety, with complete awareness, with a sense of gratitude towards what we receive and a feeling of love, compassion and kindness in what we give. It’s the positivity in both these aspects that make each moment sacred and precious. When we live each moment with that consciousness and we are in complete knowledge of the experience, we negate the blame game we often end up playing. This itself, validates our thoughts and actions making us responsible for ourselves. So live in the moment and live life to its fullest in the way you want to.

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