You Must See the Ganesh Celebrations of Sangli.
Amidst enchanting melodies and Vedic hymns and chants with three lakh devotees in attendance, a procession proceeding royally with the horse dance and elephants in tow, women drawing Rangoli running ahead of the procession for over two and half miles Read More


Down the centuries, Indian spices have been known to have many a medicinal value. Infact sometimes spices were even a mode of payment, such was their value. In today’s cuisine we rarely realize the importance that they have in maintaining our health. Read More

Good morning India

Let’s begin today with a good Indian breakfast. Eat breakfast like a king, a nutritional advice that we have heard many a times. And we are spoilt for choice in our country, where food plays such an important part of our daily lives, celebrations and social fabric. Read More


I just happened to see the film, “Lipstick under my burkha”, and I absolutely loved it. Lives of five women, so different in their own lives and yet their stories intermingled to one simple question, “Do we not exist?’ Though the film, “Lipstick under my burkha” took the narrative on lines of freedom of women’s sexuality, the more poignant question that arose was that of their individuality. Read More

Hip raises for a strong core

Hip raises is a simple pilates exercise with multiple benefits. Hip raises done correctly is one of the most effective exercises post pregnancy. It can even be done by the elderly as it is a functional movement that will help in the hip and upper leg muscle strengthening to prevent hip injury Read More


“I can manage my entire day with just 4/5 hrs of sleep” Innumerable people are heard saying that across the board of all ages, young and old. It’s a phenomenon that is gradually becoming a sort of epidemic. My question is “Why should you manage? Why shouldn’t you want to get up feeling completely rested?” Read More

+91 India Calling

You must have a taste of India in the culinary delights that restaurant “+91 India Calling” has to offer. Set in one of the non-descript by lanes of Juhu, it is casual and yet very stylish. From the artistically designed window sculptures to the lamps that hang from the ceilings, it is funky for sure. Read More