Positivity does not come from a single thought but from an everyday process. It is an emotion that we need to encompass in our lives on a daily basis like your vitamin intake. There will be a million things that could go wrong or are going wrong but your perception towards that is what will create the stepping stones to positivity. Read More

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Redesigning My Approach To Life

Life and the world around us, is confusing and exhausting (even when we arenít in the middle of a pandemic). Contrary to idealistic fiction that everyone spews as Ďwisdomí, itís not wine it doesnít just get better with time. Yes, you know what Iím talking about. Read More


Walking on a tight rope, skydiving, surviving in a jungle, all seem like easy feats as compared to parenthood. Here the fear factor rules! The fear of failing as a parent is so great that most of us end up transferring that to our children. Read More


Celebrate your journey- nothing is too small or insignificant. If you begin your day with gratitude towards all that you have and a spirit to make yourself better today than you were yesterday, you have given yourself reason enough to celebrate Read More


The series that I have been totally hooked on to…. A world created by humans like a theme game park with humanlike creations which are controlled by storylines that are implanted into their minds complete with back stories and monitored responses only to cater to the carnal fantasies of the visitors. Read More


I had refused to lift weights in any exercise regime. My patent line was, “That’s what the man in my life is supposed to do, why should I have to bother with that.” Read More