Most of us get these hunger pangs at 4pm and we are often flummoxed at what to eat without piling on calories. Makhana is the answer. This is also called the fox nut or popped lotus seeds. Though it is light on the stomach it gives a feeling of satiety for a long period of time with merely a bowl. Read More


Collagen is the largest protein bank in our body. It is found in bones, tendons, muscles and skin. It is the scaffolding that holds the body together. They have the tenacity of steel and the elasticity of rubber. Though to the layman collagen is associated mainly with youth and beauty. Read More


Home workouts are a validation of loving yourself enough not to make excuses like, to give your body the care it deserves. We must learn to prioritize health to be able to live well. It is imperative that we infuse stamina, agility Read More