“Öh how she loved to travel but she enjoyed to sip her coffee on her chair in her favourite cup even more!”

This line was definitely written for me. A wanderer by nature, a homey by heart. I love new experiences as much as I love my routine. So I truly am drenched in gratitude for having the opportunity to travel worldwide initially for my work and then later as a passion with my hubby. We share different views and have different opinions over a lot of things but if one thing can be conclusively twinned together is our love for travel and zest to see the world.

In the blogs that follow I will bi-scope the moments I’ve had on my travels around the world and hopefully shall hear some back from you too.

Places I have been too, things that I’ve done, food that I’ve tasted and the madness of it all. After all life is a sum of all your experiences and you aren’t rich enough if you haven’t done them all. So for eternity, let my epitaph always read, “And she lived…”

Credits :- Photograph : Sayan Roy

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