Happiness is not a destination but a journey. It is not a fruit but a seed in your attitude. Nourish it with soil of integrity, water of kindness and sunshine of gratitude and you can enjoy its fruits as long as you live.

People spend their entire lives in this endless pursuit, seeking something they can actually find within themselves. Unhappy people spend half their lives in thinking when I get this, do this, become this…I will be happy and the other half in blaming circumstances of why they aren’t so. As we go through our daily lives, it is an everyday, every minute choice we all make when we react to people and circumstances around us. It would be unwise to say don’t feel pain, hurt, anger or agony as we all are human. But to dwell on it or rise from it is, in our hands.

Problems can be solved only when we start moving towards a solution, not if we spend hours, days analyzing and shredding the problem. Learning to forgive needn’t mean you have to forget what happened. You can choose to wisely insulate yourself in the future, lesson learnt and move to the next chapter. The loss of someone precious is irreversible but one can cherish and smile with beautiful memories or torment oneself with their absence.

If you believe that whatever happens to us is a learning experience, we will always come out wiser, stronger and happier. One will never understand the sweetness of sugar if you haven’t tasted the bitter, the beauty of sunshine after the rain. You will value achievement after failure, laughter after the tears, love after being heartbroken.

Let the “I” in happiness remind you to smile. It is the center of happiness and in that of a smile. Be selfish about your happiness, don’t ever let others have the power to diminish it or take it away. And that can be achieved when you stop placing it in others hands with an expectation of returns. The wonderful part of happiness is that it multiplies when you share it for free. Even more so when it belongs to others.

Stop trying to keep up with the Jones, feeling jealous of another’s success, house, car, wife… and get a life! Your own life can be as happy as you want it to be. So, prioritize it as the journey you embark on from today.


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