Don’t let the anxiety of the unknown, the fear of failure deter you from making your dreams your reality. Break out of the comfort zone and do that one thing that you have never attempted before. Ride a bike, sing a song, learn to jive….attempt that one easy task of a short term goal that will give you the confidence and wipe out the fear in your heart

How will this help….you will wonder…it has nothing to do with my journey or goal ahead. How will riding a bike get me that top job that I aspire to make mine? How will singing a song give me the confidence to walk down that ramp? How will jiving help me to win the competition that takes me to the Olympics? If you equate the accomplishment of that one little goal as a victory over the fear of the unknown, a discovery of a new facet of your personality…it will gradually lead you to discover latent talents within yourself. Qualities that you didn’t know existed, new and prominent traits of your personality that will help enhance how you project yourself to the world. You will learn to believe in yourself, believe that whatever you take up, you can accomplish and that confidence will emit a different aura around you that will make people sit up and notice you.

Maybe in your endeavour to ride a bike, you will learn that the easiest and fastest way to learn is never to stop after a fall. To brush the dirt of your knees and pedal hard again can equate to not letting depression slow down your enthusiasm at work when you are not appreciated.

Maybe when you sing that song in front of people you will cease to let the constant stare of eyes bother you as you mesmerize them with your vocal talent. The same can be accomplished as you walk on the ramp, humming that song in your head, giving you the confidence to move confidence and rhythm.

Maybe as you learn how to jive, you learn how the synchronicity of movements make you enjoy the fluidity of your body. That can ease the tension in your muscles when you hit the water for that winning swim allowing you to surge ahead like a fish, comfortable in its own environment.

Whatever be the final outcome, let me assure you that you will enjoy the journey and the joy of discovering another you will be boundless. You will awake to new, different and exciting possibilities within yourself. You will come out like a silent warrior ready to win your battle to conquer your dreams. So, wake up to make your dreams, your reality.


  1. Purnima Patwardhan. Reply

    I Agree. Taking the first step into the unknown will open up a different side to the personality. And this does lead to Growth! Very Well Written.????

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