Calcification (Calcific tendonitis)! I hadn`t even heard of it. Then google was God and encyclopedia. As I read I realized, it has absolutely nothing to do with calcium intake. It is the body`s protective measure against pain signaling you to stop, check and restore the damage that you are doing. It is when you don`t pay heed that it reaches this crucial stage. The realization was gradually sinking in that I had completely disregarded all the signs. 7 years!! What was I doing?? Why had I challenged my pain threshold, why hadn`t I thought of the consequence? I looked at my limp hand by my side and tears rolled down. This time not in pain but with the tumultuous thought, would I fully recover?

There was no guarantee that the calcification would not reoccur even after a surgery, said all the doctors we consulted. So I decided against it. I began the gradual rehab physiotherapy to get the movement back into my hand. Every time, I would go to Nanavati hospital, the only thing that would stop tears from falling would be the other patients around me, accident victims, some with paralysis. It suddenly dawns on you how many things you take for granted in your life. Being unable to move my right hand, I felt like an invalid, it pained me, it angered me. I turned a rebel, refused to be fed or clothed with help, used my left hand for everything, began to write, cook food, even put make up all by myself. It was a slow and painful recovery.

After 2 weeks I started going to a small gym near my home, it used to be almost empty and I could be alone as I did my rehab exercises. That`s when I was introduced to Swapneel Hazare, my trainer. “Give me 3 months” he said, patiently guiding me step by step throughout my rehab. We would take one step forward and then a simple action of brushing my hair would take us back two. Sleeping was an issue, I could not turn on my side or even pull up a blanket, couldn`t sit straight cause my shoulder would droop forward, I couldn`t even hold a spoon at times.

Each day a new problem would crop up and I would end up crying in the shower because I didn`t want anyone to see me like that. But I was determined to get okay. I religiously did my physio exercises 5 times a day. Swapneel would slowly keep nudging me on till I was finally doing most of my daily routine with minimal pain. It`s been over a year now, there are still things I can`t do, and the journey persists but he doesn`t give up on me. Sometimes he pushes me to take on a challenge, sometimes he holds me back when I get too adventurous. But yes today I am way fitter than I ever was, more self-aware of my body, and clearer about placing my priorities right.

I owe me the best I can. I deserve it. So do you all. So look after your health cause that`s one blessing you never want to lose.



22 thoughts on “TRIGGER TO MY JOURNEY – Part 2

  1. Geetha Prakash Reply

    I am an artist i paint and draw. I am suffering from Frozen shoulder on my right side. Whatever you wrote in your blog i am going through same. Unable to sleep ,horrible pain at night. Pinching pain on my shoulder neck arm. I follow you in Instagram, you are an inspiration. When i feel low i see yourcIG posts and read your blog thinking i will be fine too soon and ger motivated. Cheers to you and keep motivating woman like me.

  2. Sudipti Reply

    Mam you are truly an inspiration. Can’t imagine you have gone through such a tough phase in your life. You appeared too cute in the movie “ Maine pyaar Kia”. Even I didn’t knew about this problem before I read your blog. You rightly said this “look after your health cause that`s one blessing you never want to lose”. Hats off to you. You are a warrior. Stay blessed and happy


    Hi !! It was really very unbelievable that you faced. And what a come back with full energy. seen your photos no one would understand what you have faced.But have a great smile …a million not billion dollar smile. Would like to see your smile always. I pray you shouldn’t face any of the situation again in life….just wanted you to smile…

  4. Mohinish Nirwal Reply

    I can’t believe you had this problem… and how much progress you’ve made just in a few months. I saw your Instagram photos and you were on fire like a 20 year-old-girl.

    I think we all drop the ball… and mess things up. But at the end of the day, what makes you strong is the grit to get up, acknowledge the mistake, learn and become better. I remember, almost 3 years back I suddenly developed a strange pain in my left knee and when I’d be walking my knee would give in with excruciating pain… I would almost fall to the ground. It was embarrassing for me… No surprise, I stopped moving… At that time I was in Mumbai, and an MRI report in Kokilaben hospital nailed it… a piece of cartilage from the left knee torn off and was sticking inside. Surely, I flew to New Delhi’s Gangaram hospital and got operated. But by then I’d gained quite a weight… I weighed almost 80 kgs… for a short frame of 5.3 that’s around 33% body fat.

    I was looking bad… the worst part was I’d lost the drive to get better health. I vowed to eat good and get fit… but couldn’t. I’d start exercising and stick for a week or two and then things will be back to square one. And then I’d developed another problem. I’d left my job and started a business and I was not getting good night sleep… I realized I was getting too many breaks in the night to go to the loo. Did some research and figured it could be sugar or diabetes or prostrate problem… I was terrified… I didn’t want any more problems… The new business… loss a newborn baby took a toll and I think these symptoms were my body’s way to wake me up… I bought books, joined websites and started taking small steps at a time… Today I weigh 68 kgs, body fat 20% (aiming for 15%)… and well just now I put an ounce of peanuts (160 cal) aside… I don’t want to overload my body… my nutrition was enough for today :).

    And well today I saw ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ on Youtube and I remembered the first time I saw it when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old… it connected with me at that time and so did today… and I didn’t expect you to be online, certainly not with a blog… and this healthy… well, Strange are the ways of the Universe… the needle of the injection gives us pain but it delivers what we REALLY need. Good night and keep sharing your thoughts and ideas… it’ll make you feel better.

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Reading about your journey I do feel that you too have made a good recovery. Joining Back2Basics will give you that complete knowledge of understanding your own body requirements. Diets cant be the same for all and personal lifestyle and needs have to be ascertained. you have to be happy about whatever you do. Food should be a source of happiness …always.

  5. Heena Reply

    Hi Bhagyashree, I read your interview in the newspaper today and immediately checked your blog. We were friends in college and I have been a big fan/well wisher of yours even before MPK released.
    Firstly, what an amazing and well written article. Your painful experience moved me and brought tears to my eyes. I hope you are feeling better now. I am glad you took the holistic way to restore your health. Your article put me in an introspective mode.
    I realized that pain does not discriminate between commoners and celebrities. I realized that women have the same emotional upheavals in all societies. I realized that life sometimes comes to a standstill to make us slow down and take care of ourselves.
    I am down with Plantar Faciitis since the last six months! It has stopped me in my tracks. I love being outdoors but PF has kept me under house arrest. I massage my feet and speak to them every. I apologize for ignoring them and pushing them so hard. And I am feeling better and better every day.
    Would love to catch up with you over sandwiches outside our now demolished college…

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Dear Heena,

      Plantar Facilitis can be cured with proper and regular physiotherapy …I hope you do have a good physiotherapist. Please keep me posted on what you are doing to cure it….please check on your vitamin deficiencies too

  6. SNEHADAS Reply


  7. Anu Reply

    While we see have always seen your beautiful smile, it is nice of u to share ur downs here. I think sometimes pain connects us better. We admire you as fans and this sharing just brings us closer to ur world. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

    Thank you all…i needed to share my journey with everyone. Very few are aware of calcific tendonitis, which can strike, catching you completely unawares.
    I hope this helps people to understand, reach out and find solution at the right time.

  10. Nivedita Reply

    no one can take care of you, like you….my aaji always told me this after I met with an accident at age 10 🙂

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