We are what we eat. Food fulfills us: funds our brains and fuels our body. There are people that live to eat and then those that eat to live. Either which way, it is a decision that keeps them happy. I am not going to stand judgement on who is right or wrong here as long as we are in synchronicity that we all have the deepest desire for it.

Having a family history of diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, I have to be conscious every step of the way that I don’t fall prey to it. But I haven’t allowed that to restrict me. I love food so I make sure I regularize what I eat, enjoy everything in moderation, don’t follow any fad diets and balance my meals with the correct exercise.

Though the word diet has either become a word of fashion or of frugality, it actually means the type of food consumed by a person on a regular basis. It could be a carb laden one or a protein rich one, a vegan or one that is gluten free, but our body and mind are programmed by the chemical reactions of our system interacting with what we put in our stomachs. So let’s get down to the basics and begin to understand what different foods do within our body for us to either adopt or reject them.

We require Carbohydrates to provide us energy for our everyday routine, protein for our muscle growth and repair, and fats to keep our nerve cells healthy and in proper working condition. Giving up on any of these will cause an imbalance in our system. Results of a carb free diet may be visible quicker to someone trying to lose weight but they might cause other problems. Giving up fat may result is the body losing its moisturizing capacity cause dry skin and also hair-loss. Eating less protein doesn’t allow your body to recover and repair itself. Vitamins and minerals provide us with immunity, act as antioxidants, regulate blood glucose etc, synthesis of hormones and help us with the absorption proteins. Eating insufficient of any of these leads to weakness, physical and/or neurological, bringing down immunity levels. Leaving your defenses down for fatigue, depression, hormonal disturbances, illnesses and major diseases.

Eating healthy makes up for 70% of your body’s condition. So for those who don’t even manage a daily walk, you can imagine what the understanding of proper nutrition can mean to you. I will try and briefly walk you through the basic questions we face when we are trying to lose weight, improve our health, reduce fatigue, and generally have a happier state of mind. I hope that a little knowledge that I can provide will help you find answers to your daily living and eating patterns. Sometimes it is the simplest and basic things that we need to follow to make our life healthier and our body fitter. Happy eating.

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    superb… it’s help us very easily. thnxx so much… it’s called a proper balance diet……….

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