A complete meal by itself, an energy booster, hunger suppressant, protein rich, vitamin enriched…enclosed within your fist. Eggs, the easiest source of an all-round nutritious meal. It has the most active proteins, vitamins, minerals and omegas. It is filling and high on the satiety meter. That is, it keeps us filling satisfied for a longer period, lowering hunger pangs. It is touted to be the best food for weight loss programs without compromising on everyday nutrition.

It worked well for me, especially after a holiday or a festive break when you want balance out all the overloading that you have indulged in, simply have eggs for dinner thrice a week. It’s probably the easiest way to knock off those extra kilos without curbing your social outgoing. Eggs can be had anywhere, anytime. I simply switched 2 of my meals (breakfast and dinner) with 2 eggs thrice a week and I was back on track.

For those that feel that it better to have just egg whites since they are all protein, may I say that for a little extra cholesterol why would you want to reduce the amount of other nutrients going in. So unless you already are suffering from high Cholesterol please enjoy the egg as a whole.

Egg Whites Whole Egg
Calories 16 71
Protein 4 g 6 g
Fat 0 g 5 g
Cholesterol 0 g 211 mg
Vitamin A 0% RDI 8% RDI
Vitamin B12 0% RDI 52% RDI
Vitamin B5 6% RDI 12% RDI
Vitamin D 0% RDI 21% RDI
Folate 0% RDI 29% RDI
Selenium 9% RDI 90% RDI


Choline (protein): This protein is important for neurological development, muscle efficiency, energy replenishment, liver functioning and the overall metabolic maintenance of our body.

VIT D: In eggs it is the best edible source of this vitamin which is vital for bone development, immunity and absorption of calcium. Indians generally are always low on this essential Vitamin.

VIT B12: It is important for the systematic running of the nervous system, manufacturing of blood cells and release of energy.

VIT B5: It helps in manufacturing red blood cells as well as sex and stress hormones made by the adrenal glands. It also maintains a healthy digestive tract.

PHOSPEROUS: Is essential to maintain the PH balance of blood and is part of Myelin which protects the nerve cells.

IRON and FOLATE: It is an integral part of the red blood cells and cell growth.

SELENIUM: An antioxidant which also primarily necessary for thyroid functioning and building immunity.

LUTEIN AND ZEAXANTHIN: Important to overcome age related eye problems.

OMEGA 3 & 6: They are good fatty acids that lower the cholesterol in your body helping in a weight loss diet whilst giving a feeling of satiety.

With this fantastic combo I truly believe my fistful of health is right here.

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  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    THNXXX SO MUCH FOR THE LOVELY HEALTH TIPS…you can’t make an omlet without breaking a few eggs! love & eggs are best when they are fresh…! wish u a merry christmas! HOHOHO! jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way,,,

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