All stress is not bad, it is what pushes us to do more, achieve more even just get started every morning. Otherwise we all would be curled up hibernating in our beds for most winter. What causes this stress is a small but efficient hormone called Cortisol, which has receptors in almost every cell of your body, triggering of reactions, responses that actually give you a kick on your butt to move.

Cortisol is what helps you when you are being chased down the road by your girlfriend’s father. It stops insulin from being produced so as to induce a state of increased glucose levels to fulfil the immediate need of energy. Cortisol also narrows arteries so as to make the heart pump more oxygenated blood, thereby increasing heart rate. It also inhibits production of histamine so that inflammation is reduced. It’s needed in limited quantities by the body to accommodate immediate energy production like waking up in the morning, exercising, etc.

However, if you are that hyper person that tends to over exaggerate situations in their mind or get too worried about anticipated problems then you are causing a cortisol coop in your body. Wherein stress takes over your entire body’s workforce. When you have knee jerk reaction to events, situations, circumstances over a long period of time cortisol is produced constantly or in high levels, it disbars the normal insulin production. That means you elevate the level of glucose rushing through your blood stream. It also activates the triglycerides in different parts of your body and transfers them to the visceral fat stored in the abdomen area causing weight gain. Narrowed arteries means more pressure on your heart to continue pumping blood. With all this stress building up, it is no doubt then that, Cortisol can actually be termed as a main culprit for Type 2 Diabetes, most weight gain and obesity problems and cardiovascular problems.

So isn’t it about time that you decide to choose what you stress over.

Is it worth stressing over paying taxes with the same intensity as an encounter with a lion in the wild ?

Is it worth raising your heartbeat being stuck in a traffic jam to the same level as a soldier would fighting in a warzone ?

Is it worth having the same level of anxiety pangs over an exam paper as a man on an oar less boat heading towards a waterfall ?

I think it’s about time we weigh what we take so seriously in our daily lives. Stress used to be about saving one’s life now it’s about money and time which actually can be what will jeopardize it. Meditate if you must, count to ten, let out a deep “whoosh”of air before reacting to any situation. It seriously ain’t worth it.

So breathe easy……. live life.

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  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    always say to your heart & mind—dear stress let’s break up! never stress over what you can’t control… take a deep breath & keep calm of your body…. keep smiling & move on! just live your life lively always!

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