Theobroma cacao in Latin means “food of the Gods”. Cacao beans, the most important ingredient in chocolate is known to have the highest antioxidant properties, even more than most fruits like the acai berries, blueberries etc. which have found their way into the list of superfoods.

Me, for one cannot bring myself to resist this pure orgasmic delight that finds itself creeping into my dreams if I haven’t enjoyed one with even a mere weeks gap. The luscious creamy texture melting onto your tongue, just a hint of sweet though, ’cause I am a dark chocolate fan. Give me chocolate for a bite, in a cake, brownie, ice-cream or crunched together with all the nuts and I’m floored. My husband was the happiest with his easily satisfied wife till I started becoming a connoisseur and discovered the world of the most exotic(and expensive) dark chocolates: Amedei, Lindt & Sprungli, Patchi, Bovetti, Republica del Cacao to our Indian bests: Fantasie fine, Cadburys, Bournville, Hersheys and more.


People are ill-advised to stop eating chocolate in pursuance of losing weight but why give up something that can give your performance a boost and I am not just talking about its aphrodisiac qualities. Rich in iron, it’s a fact that chocolate ups energy levels so you can push your gym training, or cardio levels to lose that extra weight. Ever tried a chocolate coated coffee bean or a square of dark chocolate before you hit the gym? You will actually get the caffeine kick required to move your butt to put in that extra effort. In fact a dark good chocolate is anything that has 70% plus of Cacao beans. Darker the better.


But why chocolate you may ask? Why shouldn’t I have just coffee then? Simple! Cause chocolate has the elixir of youth manganese and copper to boost collagen which results in radiant skin. The chocolate masks and body wraps haven’t just taken over the spas and facials for nothing. If that’s what they do outside, imagine when the real thing spreads its antioxidant properties and rejuvenating qualities inside your skin. Flavonols and polyphenols in cocoa beans are known to be higher than that in most fruits. That means it prevents skin damage caused by the UV rays. The micro mineral, copper essential for your body which helps in absorption of iron, boosts collagen production. Magnesium which helps in maintaining good bone health and regulates proper heart functioning is one of the essential macro minerals found in chocolate.


Chocolate was supposedly discovered by the Aztecs in Mesoamerica back in the 1900’s and was thought to be the Gift of the God of wisdom. It was actually served as a drink with spices and meant as a beverage for the rich and a celebratory treat. It was actually served by the women to the men with great passion as it was known to have aphrodisiac qualities. It is still served in the same way in Mexico and is known as “Chilate”. It’s only much later that sugar and milk was added to it and then solidified to make chocolate bars. In the modern world I guess the tables have turned so perk up men and get your love all the energy, radiance and youthful playfulness you can. What better than to begin a love affair with chocolate!

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  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands. chocolate makes everything better. so keep calm & eat chocolate. all we need is love & chocolate- specially girls, ladies, women……… because they are special & they all deserves all the good things in the world. very yummy blog! thnx a lot!

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