We cook, wash, clean… but when it comes to doing exercises, I don’t know why but women avoid it. I have often heard a large segment of housewives usually above 40years, complaining about not being able to move their hand upward or take it at the back, not being able to pull up a zip or put a button of a dress. They pop a pain killer and continue their daily routine. At the most they will visit a physio, take some heat therapy, a few scattered exercises and that’s it. No one addresses the problem to solve it or even makes an effort to continue with the exercises to reduce the pain over time and it makes me wonder why. The Indian psyche of nonchalance when it comes to their own health.

The frozen shoulder syndrome, starts off with discomfort, not being able to complete upward mobility of your arm and then it gradually worsens. Most people end up suffering this pain silently, interspersed with physio visits and then back to the grind. Believe me, cause I too was caught up in this till it became worse than a mere frozen shoulder. I can only tell through experience that please don’t wait for that to happen.

So, these are few basic exercises that if done regularly will not allow it to get flared up again and help bring it in control.

1. Angelwings : Back against the wall, hands upward in a 90* angle, arms flat against the wall, palms outward facing. Now gradually move the palms toward each other over your head, not allowing to lose wall contact. The gradually bring them down. A slow 5 of these should get the scapula working and loosen the tension on the supraspinatus.

Angel Wings
Angel Wings

2. Finger climbing on the wall : Stand facing the wall at a distance where your palm can touch the wall at 90*. Start climbing the wall with your fingers slowly till your hand is completely upright. 5 sets of these should be good for a start.


3. External Rotation : Lie flat on your back, arms to your side. Raise them upto the elbow at 90*. Now slowly rotate them to the outside, elbows firmly tucked against your body. Start with a repetition of 5, then you can give it resistance using a 500ml water bottle / 2 pound dumbbell.


4. Internal Rotation : Lie on your right side, right arm outstretched away from your body and lift your right hand to form a 90* angel , Now gradually lower your hand maintaining the 90* angel at elbow. Start with a repition of 5 and then gradually add resistance using a 500ml water bottle / 2 pound dumbbell. Eventually you can upgrade to using the theraband for more resistance and to build up strength for both internal and external rotation.


5. Scapula push ups : Stand facing the wall with your palms against the wall. Maintaining your arms straight, squeeze the scapula muscles together and push against your chest towards the wall and back slowly. Start with 10 repetitions.


Done three to four times a day these will gradually build up strength in the muscles around your shoulder and scapula, and get the movement back. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to reinstate mobility into your arm the way it was before.


  1. Vinay Krishna Reply

    Thanks a lot bhagyashree mam such a right n perfect excercise abt shoulder pain..????

  2. SNEHADAS Reply

    yes. you r right. it’s the major problem for every woman, specially housewife. my mom faced so many joint pain but now she recover herself very smoothly with regular exercises, & other physical activities. it will be very useful blog for all. thnx so much…..

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