You must give credit to Dr. Samir Mansuri, who though blind by birth dared to dream, with a clear vision of what he wanted to do and what he wanted to achieve. Today, he is a beauty expert with his ayurvedic creams and packs (SL Beauty Care), that fund to keep his dream alive, his NGO, “Blind’s dream”. He has made it his ambition to be able to fulfill and realize the dreams of others visually challenged people.

The 16 girls who are the final contestants are:

1. Annapurna Kaur (Delhi) – she is pursuing her BA Honors and she wants to be a lecturer and is proficient at playing chess

2. Mir Tabssumben – pursuing her graduation and her passion of music.

3. Simran Chawla – pursuing B.SC. Honors in computer science from delhi and is also a radio jockey.

4. Stacey Rodrigues – she holds diploma is Radio Management. She has a published book of poetry, is a painter and has held 2 exhibitions to date.

5. Anuradha Bhardwaj – Graduate in Arts stream, she is pursuing dance.

6. Kritica S. Purohit – Graduate from Seth GS Medical college and wants to acquire PGD in Physiotherapy. Well versed in Shlok (religious verses) recital, she is also winner of singing competitions. She is an expert in Rope Malkham and has a documentary made on her. Even for admission in medical college and permission to appear in CET exam, she had to fight the authorities in court.

7. Bhartiben Vankar – with a high school degree, she wants to become a nurse.

8. Shraddha Shinde – is a qualified physiotherapist.

9. Inderpreet Kaur – masters in Hindi Literature.

10. Surbhi Mehra – She is DCA in computer education.

11. Arohi Parmar – is clinical physiotherapist. Intends to work with a multi-specialty hospital & to build a career with experienced physiotherapist

12. Jyoti Malik – a computer wizard, she has herself designed and launched her own website. She is also first visually impaired girl to do her graduation in Psychology. She is post graduate in political science and has taught more than 150 visually challenged people use of computer and mobile phone. She is an active & winner of many India level medals for sports like athlete and disc throw.

13. Jhumuri Biswal – She is a graduate and wants to become a teacher.

14. Payal Bhattad – she is national level swimmer and has won many awards for this sport. She was selected to participate in China for participation.

15. Sandeep Kaur* – pursuing her B Ed.

16. Surabhi Mudgal – computer Analyst at Wipro


All these girls have come up against all odds and thanks to the efforts of Mr Samir Mansuri will be honoured on Women’s day at The Club, Andheri.

For further information about helping these girls, do contact

Neelam Gupta : 9820070564

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  1. jyoti malik Reply

    Feeling awsom to be the words of bhagyashri mam’s blog. thanks for your blessings.

  2. SNEHADAS Reply

    you stand up for a good cause- with all the inspiring courageous strong talented & beautiful women! so much fresh talent here! you are such a sweet 7 down to earth JUDGE- god bless them with bright future… very inspiring blog…mantra of life… do your best always…don’t hope for good, just do good, you will achieve good…before international women’s day- it will be a very good initiative show. lots of good wishes!

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