You must have your breakfast at the quaint little place in Juhu. The perfect fill on healthy breakfast ideas, be it for the morning runners, or the work meetings, or college dates. That’s the place to be. The service is impeccable and staff ever attentive, the only combination of comfort and style unless you prefer an Udipi for your morning jaunts. Bright and welcoming, the overhead colorful lampshades add to the European country feel. With one wall covered with open books, it’s so inviting that Fable’s tagline “cooking stories” seems perfectly apt. Conjured up by the extremely effervescent Prashant Chaudhary, Fable doesn’t shut all day and there is no last order. It effortlessly converts from a breakfast place into lazy luncheons, to teatime conversation and casual evening for friends who love to talk.

It’s the go to place after a morning run at the beach or a workout session for my son, an afternoon gossip corner for us friends, a tea and dessert place for my sweet toothed daughter and a perfect impromptu dinner place with my hubby. I simply love the preparations of eggs they have in here. And while I am a stickler for having my favorites, there is always a new concoction that PC, (as he is known to his friends) makes me taste. “Added new to the menu and an absolute must have!” he says with aplomb, as he serves us a dish he has just mastered from the chefs in Spain.


It is always difficult to to choose a single dish. There is the egg benedict, double decker, the bhurji, the saali on toast and more. One can have a new preparation for every day of the week and not have a repeat. For the health conscious vegetarians there is the quinoa upma which is totally yum with a new exotic flavor of basil and pureed tomatoes. The waffles and pancakes ofcourse are the American delights on the menu with a wide plethora of protein based shakes, classic chocolate milkshake and a variety of fresh juices. There are the English teas and the blended flavors that might take you from the breakfast to tea time to indulge in every taste.

So do get there for breakfast….who knows, the addiction of Fable, might actually get you ready for that morning fitness session that you used to shut your alarm to. Happy eating.


  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    freinds………….family……fav things in one…………looking too cute both of you…….. mouthwatering dishes……….. lovely……… yummmm!

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