Sunshine, Vit D – the brightness, boost and the Big C.

We are told to take in as much as we can of the morning sunshine to replenish our reserves of Vit D. The vitamin most important for growth, for good immunity levels, for production of adequate insulin and the absorption of calcium. The benefits of sunshine are also known to awaken our senses, create mindfulness, contribute to the feeling of happiness, invigorate our bodies and help us gear into activity.

From the sages and saints, to the sportsmen and their coaches, from meditation gurus to academic gurus there are enough people waxing eloquent on the benefits of the morning sun. Then suddenly the beauty experts, medicos in the pharmaceutical field started shouting over the rooftops about over exposure to the sun causing the Big C. The usage of sunscreen creams written on prescriptions by every cosmetologist, became the order.

I am not against the pampering and beauty endorsements but while we, the people of the modern world ask for scientific explanations of God’s existence, shouldn’t we even question the necessity of the sunscreen creams to suppress the Big C ???

Wouldn’t then the vast populace of farmers, soldiers, sportsmen, construction workers all be suffering from Cancer? Did all of them lather up their sunscreens thrice a day? The entire population that is now in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have all grown up spending maximum time of their childhood, outdoors. There was no binge watching on the couch at that time nor the sci-fi games in technology. We have all lived through it, maximizing the benefits of sunshine and with it, that of Vit D.

But nowadays, the depletion of this sunshine vitamin seems the norm of the day. Most of the population will have bloodtests showing lowered levels of Vit D. Unless subscribed by the doctors, many don’t even venture into the sun assuring each other that their collagen reserves are preserved. Would the sunshine age you? We need to ask ourselves the obvious question of how much time do we really spend in the sun. Are we not ensuring the obvious lack of the sunshine vitamin, when we block its absorption by sunscreen.

Nature provides ample resources for living beings to grow. It’s we who change, alter, reduce and reject what is been provided to us for free. There is a gentle balance of what we should have and what we should avoid.

“Born of the sun they travelled a short while towards the sun And left the vivid air signed by their honor” by Sir Stephen Spender. Very aptly put indeed, though written for the valor of the warriors, it should put into perspective what we are. We call ourselves the descendants of the Sun, and yet choose to shun rather than reap its benefits.

Wake up to the mornings, feel the benevolent rays of the sun, watch the surge of positivity bless your mind, and the burst of invigorating energy envelope your body. Wake up to sunshine.end


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  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    nice & unique thought………surya namaskar has lots of benfits for human body… so wake uo early in the morning for your good health, sharp mind 7 calm soul………I LOVED IT. THANK YOU…….

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