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The best known physiotherapy not only for sportsmen but every person suffering of lower back or any type of myofascial muscular pain is the usage of the black roll. It is the smallest gym equipment which can be used for most functional exercises as well as, can double as a physiotherapist.

When I had an issue with my shoulder and was undergoing therapy, it wasn’t possible to visit a physiotherapist every day. Even basic relief to be able to sleep peacefully at night or be able to go through daily activities pain free was impossible. That’s when Swapneel, my trainer introduced me to the benefits of the Black roll. He had just completed a course from Poland and is the first Black Roll Master Trainer in India.


Of course the first time we used the Black Roll it seemed a daunting procedure for me as the level of pain was very high. “Just try and be in the correct position, with lowest pressure on the trigger point. Move better first then move more.” That’s what Swapneel said when we started of basic foam rolling movements and exercises to relieve stress to be able to have non-restrictive pain free movements. “Integrating the mini ball and black roll helps in the reduction of pain during movement of the myofascial skeletal system.” he explained.

Fascia is the connective and supporting tissue of the muscles…. Pain can be felt because of nerve receptors in the fascia, which is actually a fluid well hydrated tissue. When it starts to dehydrate, it stiffens and hardens. When we use the black roll or the mini ball of the Trigger Point or Hotspot as it is called, we improve the blood circulation to that area, thereby increasing fluidity. This is also called soft tissue regeneration therapy. There are different strengths of the roll that can be used.

Like we are told to stretch before any exercise so as to allow movement supplely, using the black roll longitudinally will allow the fluidity within the muscles and reduce the pain. Used over a period of time it will serve to ensure adequate blood circulation to the area and thereby increase flexibility.


The idea is to use the black roll for smooth movements of the muscle. When you use it on your quads, hamstrings, calves and even your back before you start your functional training or weight lifting or even plain walking, there will be a marked improvement in your posture, stance, stride and range of movement (ROM). Once you achieve that and the body is used to it, the black roll can also be used for upping the level of your functional training.

So for those of you that are finding that your daily movements are restrictive, I would highly recommend the use of the mini and the black roll on a daily basis to alleviate pain.

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