You must sink your teeth into all you can at Potluck… cause you will taste London. If you have ever walked down the other side of the Thames near the South Bank or Canary Wharf where all the lovely owner run riverside restaurants are, you will know what I am talking about. Chess board tiles, white birchwood tables, pleasantly uplifted with walls splashed in peacock green, it’s a summerhouse feel for sure. With the air-conditioning upped to the “T” we actually ended up feeling cold, or maybe it was the hunger pangs wanting whetting. Either which way it was perfect for the summer.

Right from salads to burgers, buttered prawns to jalapeno poppers, roasted chicken to cheesy fondue…the menu gives you a variety to choose from. We decided to have it all. Since there were so many of us, we decided to order a dish each so that we could enjoy the variety Potluck had to offer. The only zing of spice was missing but was well made up by the chilli flakes we sprinkled amply over our dishes.

Amongst the desserts, I was floored by the tiramisu, while the others fawned over the smooth textured panacota. But with so much that had been polished off the table we barely managed a spoonful.

In Andheri, close to the malls and theatres, it’s a perfect quick bite place due to its efficient service. The menu actually being extensive, and portions appropriately sized, it’s not too steep for a quick date night dinner before the movies for the youngsters.


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    girls gang……..yummy food………nice destination…..fun.memories……….hotty naughty sweety captures………. perfect zindegi……….lets celebrate life…………….

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