WE ARE BEING WATCHED – Digital Voyeurism, a marketing strategy

The digital world has encased us into a world where we are being watched. Instead of us using it, it uses us to search, impregnate, spawn and spew. Rarely do we think before pressing the ‘allow’ button on any of our apps, cell or computer. We allow access to all the other information we have. So out there in the digital world our lives are a walk-in store, for anyone to browse. Haven’t you ever wondered how you get random emails claiming, “this is what you need” in terms of finance, astrology, clothes, gifts etc. or mindlessly “thanking you” for helping a social cause, subscribing to, visiting a site etc. This is not included in the spam that fills in your email junk. It’s a marketing strategy that reminds us to access things that we would have otherwise discarded.


The digital world is voyeuristic, assessing, analyzing how it can process information that it is privy to open possibilities that it can lure you into. Would you have bought that dress/crockery/ furniture/ stock or taken that financial investment if you didn’t see it pop up on your email or any site you were browsing continuously, day after day?

Every time we post something on our social media or search for something on the internet it is recorded. The statistical data analysis provides all the permutation and combination of what we are, what we would want, what are our likes and dislikes, where we go, what we do. It can map our brain. As technology progresses we are being programmed to think the way it wants us too. We are led, persuaded, tempted, sometimes even forced to go a certain way. Like the racks in a shopping mart, visuals that deflect our attention to things we had planned to buy.

So, for all the start-ups and young minds bursting with ideas, map your footprints of content with strategized intent, because that it what is going to be the key to marketing. The games are changing and it is not what you show or can be seen. It’s the multiplication of the permutations of the untapped market that you can collect from the digital platform that has opened up that can take your business to another level.

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