There has been perpetual debate between those who diet to reduce and those who exercise to lose weight and be fit. Especially when we are constantly told that healthy bodies are made 70% in the kitchen and 30% at the gym, most wonder why we should even bother to exercise.

Having studied nutrition and been on a fitness routine after a prolonged health issue, let me clear the do’s and don’ts. While every individual has different needs, priorities, and lifestyles, I think it is imperative to have a body that is high on immunity, is agile and pleasant aesthetically. It is important that we calculate our needs in that order.

We have various diets over the internet and many dieticians promoted by actors and sportsmen. However there is no one glove fits all category. Yes, it matters what we put into our mouths and we can definitely rein, alter, refrain or start certain foods once we understand the correct balance. But it equally matters that we make our muscles stronger to support our skeletal system which is subjected to wear and tear as we grow older. It is important that our joints are well oiled and mobile and are able to support our body weight. This isn’t going to happen if we do not invest in the machinery and service it regularly.



1. Do restrict your intake of empty calories.

2. Do concentrate on a rainbow meal, having a colorful variety of veggies makes sure you are providing your body with most of the nutrients that it needs.

3. Hydrate yourself constantly. We live in temperatures that need more water intake.

4. Do limit your consumption of sugar and salt. The 2 whites that could make your life grey.

5. Eat before you get hungry and stop before you feel full.

6. Do exercise for 30 minutes thrice a week atleast and that does not include walking.

7. Once you cross the 30’s do include weights in your workout either dumbbells, the resistance bands or even your own body weight.(It will slow the wear and tear of your body)

8. Stretch, do yoga or use the foam roller; something for your flexibility.

9. Take or give yourself an oil massage at least once a fortnight. Your skin and body will feel loved and you will come to know the problems if any.

10. Sleep well. No diet, nor exercise will help if you don’t allow your body to rest and recover.



1. Don’t start any drastic diet without your doctor’s advice and guidance.

2. Weakness, fatigue, acidity, flatulence, constipation are not a sign of a good diet.

3. Do not stop wheat or dairy products if you are not gluten allergic or lactose intolerant. These compromise of most of the healthy vitamins and proteins your body needs. Don’t follow fads.

4. You don’t have to turn non-vegetarian. Though animal proteins are a complete source of protein, vegetarians can also eat a balanced meal by mixing the correct choices.

5. A healthier lifestyle cannot be based on temporary diets, make changes in portions and combinations of foods you eat. You should be able to continue enjoying your meals.

6. Don’t be scared to start. There is no age too late to begin exercise. Begin, slow and steady.

7. You don’t have to go to a gym. Yoga, pilates, functional training are forms of exercise that can be done anywhere and without equipment

8. Don’t make an excuse or postpone exercise for tomorrow. Take out 15 mins everyday or 30mins thrice a day, with Sunday as a rest day. Begin now.

9. Don’t workout without a warm up. Even 5mins of spot walking knee highs are good enough.

10. Exercise has a simple funda :

If it hurts while you are doing..stop. If it hurts after you are done, don’t give up..continue the next day. Your body has to get used to something new.

These are basic cardinal rules you should adhere to for a healthier living. Diet and exercise both are important.


  1. Priyanka Anil Patil Reply

    Hello mam, I like your post so much✌. I want to lose my weight. Just two months before I m married. Before marriage my weight is 69 kg. After 3 months before I come upto 63 but again my weight come to 69.5 kg ????.
    My stomach and leg i. e thighs portion is just becoming a major high. Don’t know why. I m doing exercise daily 25 min cardio and yoga suryanamaskar 25. Please can you help to lose my weight. Bcoz same my grandmother and mummy having… And I m thinking It will be genetic problem.

  2. varsha pabra Reply


  3. Pragya Reply

    I read your blog and it is exactly what i need to make my chaotic mind and body, more peaceful. Please continue posting new and good posts, especially on mental health and meditation. Very good.

  4. Vinita Reply

    Thanks a lot Bhagyashree . your blog is very helpful . keep it up and inspire us

  5. ayesha khan Reply

    Thank u bhagyashree u r such an inspiration and still look more than perfect Mashallah and i have been seeing all ur energetic workouts ur passionate aproach and being so honest with what u do…it pays off..and of course whn u dress up ethnically and stylishly u rock..i am such a lazy person..i love workout and diet but always get fail in doing both…so ur words and concern means a lot ..will definitely try ur terms and spread the word.thank u and keep writing ur experiences. Lots of love

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Thanks for your feedback. All I would say is never neglect your own health…You will be able to fulfill much more if you are fit yourself. God bless. Eat healthy and exercise well. Optimize happiness

  6. SNEHADAS Reply

    perfect……. thnx a lot…… I WILL TRY IT EACH ON LINE WITH VERY MUCH CARE & ADORE…….. my body is its own unique canvas, i am the artist, nutrition is my medium & my workouts are the paintbrush…….love my life……..feeling special…….

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