Physiotherapy pain management – Try the Foam Rolling

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Over 670 million people complain of back pain and require physiotherapy pain management. Though it is such a wide spread problem it is next to impossible to have a physiotherapy session every day. With the back being responsible for most action and mobility of the body, unless pain management is fortified we can find ourselves in deep trouble. Daily activities of walking, sitting, carrying bags or even pain free sleep can be a problem.

Pain-killers are not the long term answer to this. This is where foam rolling comes of use. The fascia is the connective tissue between the muscles having the nerve receptors. These receptors are ones that report pain. When the fascia is dehydrated, it becomes stiff and mobility becomes restricted. Foam rolling facilitates blood circulation, which in turn allows the fluidity in the fascia.

When you begin foam rolling you adhere to the formula of physiotherapy pain management, “Move better first and then move more.” Once that is started you can begin the use of the Black roll to improve ROM (Range of motion). Thomas Myers gave us the anatomical lines of the body that help us understand the connectivity between the muscles. There is the posterior, the anterior and the lateral lines which connect different muscles groups which co-ordinate for movement.
Pain at one place could actually be deferred pain, ie; pain because of tightness in another area which is connected by a kinetic chain of muscles. These are also called the hotspots or trigger points which need to be assessed and treated to get relief from pain.
For eg : To alleviate back pain we need to release the tension not only on our back but also muscles on our glutes, hamstrings and quads. When these muscles are tight we will feel the pressure coming on our lower back as they try and compensate by taking the load of movement.

Simple rolling movements will support blood circulation and ease the tension. There are different ways to roll which a Black roll trainer will be able to teach you.

Longitudnal friction

Cross friction

Circular massage


Compress and stretch

Compress and twist

Compress and mobilise

Compress and shake…. With a Booster


A simple routine of foam rolling every morning before begin routine activities can be compared to drinking water as soon as you get up, it is hydrating and creates fluidity of movement in the muscles. It’s the good morning call that is required to start your day with pain free non- restrictive movements.
When the body gets used to the soft roll, there are different strengths/hardness that one can used to activate the deep fascia of our system. The roll can also be used for various exercises that form the base to have a well-greased muscle and joint movement. Thus being an investment with great returns over a period of time. Reduce your pain, improve your posture and your quality of life.

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  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    foam rolling, circular massage of the whole body is very useful for all, besically housewifes or working women… who needs a healthy & suitable diet & exercise to keep themselves fit active.. also very helpful for scl or college going girls…. pls do it… we will thnx to bhagyashree ji… guaranteed…..

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