The thyroid gland plays a crucial role in our metabolism. The thyroid gland located at the “Ädam’s Apple” near your throat, is what produces hormones that activate cell activity by controlling your body’s temperature and the rate that your body burns calories.
Our brain produces TSH (magnesium, B-12, zinc and protein are required to produce this) which travels to your thyroid gland and tells your thyroid gland to produce T4. (To produce that we need iodine VitB5 and VitC). Through the blood stream carries T4 and when it gets to the tissues it is converted into T3(Selenium and glutathione is required for this conversion) which is the active form of thyroid hormone which gets inside of your cell’s nucleus to do all the work. The little tiny key hole on the surface of the cell is called the nuclear receptor where the thyroid hormone binds with the cell (This binding requires Vit A ad Vit D) which is what increases your metabolism.
Hypothyroidism means too less of T4 and T3 being produced which will cause people to experience energy loss, weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, elevated cholesterol, constipation. So what are the foods that we can use to combat this situation in other words to facilitate the production of T4 and T3. Listed below are the best foods rich in the nutrients according to each particular task.

The required intake of magnesium, B-12, zinc and protein can be got from;
1. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, curds, cheese etc
2. Eggs
3. Meat
4. Pulses and Legumes
5. Nuts and seeds

The required intake of Iodine can be got from;
1. Wheatgrass
2. Spirulina
3. Seafood
4. Salt

The required intake of VitB5 and Vit C can be got from;
1. Oats
2. Tomatoes
3. Potatoes
4. Citrus fruits
5. Broccoli

The required intake of Selenium and glutathione can be got from;
1. Brazil nuts
2. Milk
3. Fish

The required intake of Vit A and Vit D can be got from;
1. Eggs
2. Mushrooms
3. Fish

Most of these are regular foods that we can easily incorporate into our daily diet. Including these foods might be the key to stabilizing the thyroid affecting your metabolism.
Claims of goiterogenic vegetables of the Brassica family such as Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and even greens such as spinach and kale, affecting the thyroid negatively are only based on conclusions that the goiterogens will block the absorption of iodine which is one of the key agents of optimum thyroid function. However one will have to eat them raw and in too large and amount for that to happen. Meanwhile if we give up on eating these veggies, we might be barring ourselves from getting lots more nutritional benefits. So, unless there is a specified clinical observation from your doctor don’t disbar yourself from these veggies having high nutritional content.
To re-activate your metabolism, you need to energize yourself with correct food intake and proper exercise. Smaller meals with consistent balance of carbs and protein, will help you reboot during the day. Divide your activity evenly during the day, so it keeps your food to energy conversion and carbs utility in a cycle. Remember that the key here is consistency, once the body gets used to the cycle, you will see a difference in your health too. Heal naturally.

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