The Quan Spa

You must visit the Quan spa in Bangkok to experience the true meaning of pampering. It is indeed luxury redefined. The tranquil pool at the entrance already set the mood of what to expect.


My appointment had been pre- booked with one of the best therapists, Anya. As I sipped on my chamomile tea, she asked me details on how I would like the massage to be. My sore areas and specifically how I would like to feel just after the massage: Relaxed? Invigorated? Rejuvenated? Serene or even Sensual? Oh, that kind of surprised me….i asked her to explain. A mixture of certain essential oils, massaging technique and pressure points she said help in awakening the feeling. I smiled to myself thinking, this I must try with my hubby.


“Rejuvinated” I said, as that was what this holiday was for. Anya explained the different fragrances of essential oils such as, rose, frangipani, lavender etc and their therapeutic qualities. She picked the frangipani for me and led me to the therapy room. A spacious yet minimalistic decorated room equipped with a Jacuzzi tub and the works. She dimmed the lights and asked me to soak my feet into a brass vessel of warm water. She added sea salts, followed by lemon grind and finished with rose petals, gently rubbing the soles of my feet. She spoke in soft whispers and the tranquility of the pace and the ambient music had already put me in a zone. Whilst the warm pillow she had placed on my shoulders relieved me of much of my stress.

That over, the fragrant oils prevailed my senses as she gradually kneaded my sore muscles and almost put me into a gentle slumber. It was well over an hour before she whispered into my ears, “M’mam I hope you feeling rejuvenated.”


Showered and dressed I sipped ginger tea with some fruit shavings as she explained the variety of body scrubs should I choose to revisit them again. “Oh yes,” I said, “This is a must do for me.” So if you want some pampering in the lap of luxury do head to the Quan Spa at the Marriot Marquis Queen’s Park and feel brand new.

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