Ghee is the healthy fat, much needed by the body, needed to prevent brain disorders, help in memory and motor skills, maintain hormonal balance and repair and regenerate damaged cell membranes. It is also called, “nectar for the brain”. It fuels all the neurological functions that create our conscious and subconscious movements and decisions, the immune system that protects us from Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as the cell growth and repair.

So though people are afraid of ghee in their food with the mere thought of an ungainly, blobs of lard, that latch onto your tummy, waist and hips. It is full of all the good important fatty acids, Omega3 and Omega 6 as well as significant amount of vitamins A,D E and K. There is always a debate as to why Ghee is not included in the list of healthy fats such as eggs, olive oil, avocado, salmon, nuts and coconut oil. It was not included merely because it was thought to be bad for people that were lacto intolerant. However, there has been no such known instance and for its best benefits, it is important that ghee be consumed without being heated to its smoking point.

Our Indian cuisine always has combined ghee on rotis, in our rice, on top of porridges made of bajra and wheat, to be mixed with khichidi, to give a tadka on dals. In all these forms, the ghee is served in its best form for digestion and perhaps the tastiest too. Infact in many of the Indian cultures, ghee is given with the first food to a child. Known to line the stomach, it helps in neutralizing the stomach acid before the food moves to the small intestine. Ghee is also given incase of an inflammation of the stomach, though in very small quantities as it is also antibacterial. It is also known to raise levels of HDL, thereby ensuring good cardiovascular health. The West is gradually opening up to the various benefits of ghee that have been written about in our Ayurveda, centauries ago.

Fats are food for the brain, which you cannot delete it from your diet. It is also essential for healthy hair and skin, hormonal balance, a healthy reproductive system and strong bones and immunity. Very often we will see that thinner people have dryer skin, get specs slightly earlier, sometimes also suffer painful or irregular periods, and have lower immunity to cold, coughs and flu. A dash of ghee goes a long way to promote good health as you can see. As goes for all fats, quantity should be small and limited. So do yourself a favour and enjoy the desi flavor of ghee.

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