Isn’t there an actor inside each of us, secretly embarking on his/her own histrionics, making our lives a stage, a film, our very own series, sequel after sequel in the hope of coveting that award for a performance of a lifetime. Full on drama ! I think that’s what happened to me, my life story. Girl met boy, fell in love, parents objected, “judai”- we split, “Tanhai”- loneliness and longing, discovery of true love, shaadhi- marriage against all odds, happily ever after?

Hello! The turning point-post interval, the sequel or start of the second season, audience is hooked to what happens next. Haven’t I got you thinking? Everyone wants to know the inside story, the truth behind the obvious, the shock, the melodrama, and then an autobiography hits the stands. It’s picked up faster than the contagious yawn if you are famous. One does see a lot of those coming out, don’t we!

So how did I let my drama queen come out? I got lucky.

Acting, the pursuance of the world of imagination. Were you not as a child, oblivious to the people, place and time of day once you got into your own dream world? Well, I managed to discover that child in me again. Live another life, be another character, give it different emotions than what you would normally feel, be another you. I often tell people that this is one place where you don’t have to die to be born again to live a different life. You can weave that imagination into your story with every role you play. It’s one of the biggest incentives to become an actor, you get “to be whomever you want to be.” We get to free the rubber-bands that hold us in a mold, walking on set parameters of what’s right and what’s wrong.

I played woman whose child gets kidnapped and realized her husband is to blame, a politician so upright that she is caught between her family peace and justice, a lawyer who fights to release her husband only to realize that he had conned her, a journalist embarking on a human rights mission to find out why criminals become what they did. I enacted the feelings of a surrogate not wanting to give up the child because she felt it became a part of her. And what I thoroughly enjoyed playing was this ruthless girl, a man-hater, husband beater, who even got drunk and made him do all the household chores. Different people, different lives, different feelings and different reactions. To play each character with conviction, you put in a little of you apart from what has be written about it and that’s where your inner drama queen gets her satisfaction. Doing all the things you would probably never do or do differently if they were real. You get to alter it, magnify it, control it, shape it the way you want her to be. It’s therapeutic for sure.

So for those who are aware of that drama queen inside themselves, take the plunge, and set her free. No, not on your fellow humans for that would be sacrilege….but join a dance class, theatre, an acting course, a play in school, or record your own skit and you-tube it for audience. Let the child in you be alive to have fun, laugh, be naughty, be wild, be free….make the world your stage where you get to play whatever you want and be whomever you want to be.

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It will make you a better person cause you would have actually walked in another’s shoes, felt their failures along with their aspirations, felt their pain with their happiness, and experienced their insecurities with their egos. It will help you to decipher people around you in the real world with a little more empathy, a pinch of ease without standing judgement. So go ahead be your own drama queen!


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  1. Avanti Reply

    Again very true

    A soul whose breathing gets thwarted by expectations that others hold.. and then the moment comes when its suffocation makes the wings flutter.. and that’s all it takes to breathe again!

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