Nothing pumps up that adrenaline as running. The wind in your hair, the sweat on your brow, the thump of your heartbeat and wings on your feet, a run gets those happy hormones soaring high. With the remake of “Rocky” in Bollywood being written about, I can’t help but think about Stallone’s inspirational run against the foggy skyline of New York, as he prepares for his match. Though the film was all about boxing, running is shown as an integral part of his workout, as is for the preparation of most sport activities.

Sports and Health experts have always given a thumbs up to running as a regular exercise to burn those calories, up your metabolism, get that cardio vascular strength and keep the endorphins high. However recent studies have also shown that running, increases production of brain derived growth factor (BDGF), in the hippocampus. BDGF is a chemical released in the brain that protects neurons and promotes their growth.


So for the rest of us regular people do put in a bit of running with your workouts if you are a gym person. And if you are one of those that prefer walking, then add a little sprint to your routine. Not only will it benefit you physically but also up the neurological well-being of your cells. Walking and low intensity running uses the slow twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for using first the stored glycogen in the muscles and then switching to fat burn from the adipose tissue to derive energy thereby facilitating weight loss. The theory behind this is, one is able to perform low intensity exercise for a longer duration than a high intensity one done for a short spurt of time which uses mainly the carbohydrate (glycogen) reserves.

However after one gets fitter, the body learns to metabolize the fat for energy better. So if a person’s time duration for low intensity workout is the same, he/she will be able to burn fat faster than when he/she started out. Hence if they add a high intensity workout to the running, they will derive more benefit.

Running is the easiest form of exercise that can help you to lose weight fast by improving your metabolism. Start slow and easy, gradually increasing your duration. Do not try and do a “Stallone” in the first shot and give your heart a shock with the sudden amount of pumping you expect out of it. Make sure you stretch your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. It will help in making the muscles supple and reduce chances of injury. When one stretches, one improves blood circulation, keeping the muscle fibers well hydrated. Choose a well fitted shoe with good cushioning, so as to reduce impact. It always helps to wear thicker socks for running. Get yourself a running partner to motivate you or a good playlist going if you enjoy your solitude. Running can even be meditative for some, if they learn to follow their breath. The gradual intake of breath and then release can actually dispense toxins from your body and leave you with a calmer state of mind.


So do as you must, and as you deem fit but do put on your shoes and hit the track.

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