+91 India Calling

You must have a taste of India in the culinary delights that restaurant “+91 India Calling” has to offer. Set in one of the non-descript by lanes of Juhu, it is casual and yet very stylish. From the artistically designed window sculptures to the lamps that hang from the ceilings, it is funky for sure. The extensive collection of alcohol behind the bar are placed in T.V. boxes, taking you back to the 80’s. Another wall has a collection of matchboxes, reminiscent of the era gone by. Orange, green and white in its interiors, an unusual

combination for sure but exudes the warmth of India. The impeccable service of the +91 staff only serves to enhance that feeling.

I was a bit skeptical about tasting the cream laden gravies and sweet cuisine that restaurants all over cater to international patrons but +91 came as a refreshing change. The variety was undoubtedly extensive but the presentation was exquisite. It was a fun Sunday afternoon so we decided to have a complete go at the food. Beginning with the Banana leaf wrapped Paneer, Til Mil Jhinga, Ratalu tokri chaat, Bombay duck fry and more as starters. We relished the exotic cocktails that came in an array of colors and tastes right from the jamun karvand martini to the imli panha, muddled paan martini, the jackfruit martini to the almond bhaang.


Little did we realize how delicious everything was till we actually polished off all the plates. But we were not done as the birthday girl, Minakshi Chaudhary (proud owner of +91) insisted that we try the biryani, lal maas, kaali dal and butter chicken, the authentic North Indian cuisine. I must say though we were super full with all that we had eaten earlier, these really took the cake. To enjoy real food we must get our hands dirty and that’s what we did with the finger-licking spread before us. Not too heavy on the stomach, the flavours are rich and potent, urging you to go on.


Though the cuisine also includes the Kashmiri gushtaba, the Andra thakali rasam, the coorgi prawn curry and many more touching the various states of India, we left these for our next visit. If feasting which is not too heavy on your tummy nor your pocket is your call for the weekend meal, do head to +91.


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