Hip raises for a strong core

Hipraises is a simple pilates exercise with multiple benefits. Hip raises done correctly is one of the most effective exercises post pregnancy. It can even be done by the elderly as it is a functional movement that will help in the hip and upper leg muscle strengthening to prevent hip injury. It is a wonder though that it is rarely used in an everyday routine. The simplicity of the hipraises makes it the most under-rated exercise.

To do the hipraises effectively one must lie flat on the back with legs bent closer to the body, feet flat on the floor. The distance between the knees should be equal to your hip joint, not extending the outer hip. Pull the core tight as you lift your hips slowly, vertebra by vertebra till your scapula. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulder to hip to knees. Hold to a count of 5 and then gradually release till you reach down. Just before your tailbone touches the floor, lift up again and hold. This simple exercise done with ten repetitions will serve to activate your core without pressurizing your back. As you get used to this, you can gradually up the difficulty quotient by using weights on your hip or increasing the count for hold or by increasing repetitions.


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The hipraises are one of the prime exercises that activate your abdominals and glutes to the maximum. A great exercise to start off, so that the muscles of the glutes are warmed up, allowing them to fire when you start your other exercises. Most hip and lower back injuries in the gym take place when the glutes are not activated. This simple move can be a great warm up, a pre workout essential before weight lifting or even cardio like running.

Hipraises help in controlling what can be one of the most embarrassing situations. They help in urinary incontinence which may happen post child birth. Urine incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine when one coughs or sneezes due to pressure on the urinary bladder during pregnancy. This may continue after childbirth due to weakened abdominal muscles. The hipraises are often used as a Kegel exercise post pregnancy. It helps with the tightening of the abdominals that have gotten lax post birthing a baby.

So do add this simple routine into your daily workout and see and feel the difference. Hip raises is a strength building, endurance exercise for your core, which also opens up your hip joints, stimulates


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