Down the centuries, Indian spices have been known to have many a medicinal value. Infact sometimes spices were even a mode of payment, such was their value. In today’s cuisine we rarely realize the importance that they have in maintaining our health. Apart from the color and aroma they provide let’s look at how our daily spices can up our health quotient.


1. TURMERIC(HALDI) : This yellow colored root from the ginger family is highly rated for its medicinal value as well as for cosmetic reasons. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and often used for arthritis relief. The curcumin in this has properties close to pain-killers and steroids without the side effects and therefore is excellent to use as a natural preventive/cure for obesity, arthritis, gastro problems, muscle weakness along with it being an anti-depressant too.


2. CORRIANDER(DHANIYA) : Rich in VitaminA, VitaminC and Pottasium. The seeds are beneficial due to their fiber content and digestive properties. They help to preserve the gut flora, cleansing of the intestines and prevent diarrhea.


3. CUMMIN(JEERA) : It’s an easy home remedy for acidity and digestive problems. It is also know to reduce blood sugar. It is a good source iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and dietary fiber. Also promotes good sleep.


4. CHILLIE PEPPERS(MIRCHI) : Would you believe it, they are packed with Vitamin C even more than oranges. They are anti-oxidant, painkillers, endorphin stimulants. Reduces risk of colon cancer.


5. CINNAMON(DALCHINI) :There are 2 types, one the regular cassia cinnamon (Coumarin in this is harmful) and secondly the better , more potent Ceylon cinnamon. It is always better to use the later. It is an anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory, reducer of blood sugar and cholesterol, and an aphrodisiac too.


6. CARDAMON(ELAICHI) :It has anti-oxidant properties as well has improves blood circulation to the lungs and may help in removing congestion too. A perfect remedy for bad breath. It has calcium, phosphorous, copper and Vitamin B too.



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    Usage of above mentioned spices for certain concerns benefits would have added advantage. Please add more light on usage of these spices.

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