While we all have suffered muscle spasms or cramping at some point of time. Usually it’s during a workout session and we wonder why when we are supposedly eating well, doing all our exercises correctly, leading an active lifestyle. Muscle cramping during workout is caused excess sweating and overloading the muscle, which cause the depletion of all essential salts in our body.

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Sodium helps in retaining water within our bodies, which add fluidity to our muscles. When they are over working as in case of athletes, the water loss is faster as well as in larger quantities and has to be replaced. It is often suggested that athletes, runners etc carry sports drinks while training.

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However, if the body is well hydrated, carb satisfied and well saturated with sodium, magnesium and potassium in food form an hour before a workout session, it will rarely cramp. It is therefore advised that foods such as seafood, seeds like pumpkin seeds, chocolate help not only in rising the sodium levels but also upping the Magnesium content.

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Magnesium helps in the release of energy for all muscle activities of our body. It is an essential part of protein utility during exercise too. This along with potassium are the minerals required for the optimum working of the muscular system. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles are primarily due to the help of these essential minerals. Potassium is well fortified in bananas, potatoes specially the skin, watermelon and cantaloupes. The first two can serve the purpose well for athletes as they there also carb laden, whereas the other two is a perfect choice for weight watchers who love their workout sessions.

I believe that all we eat is good enough to help the functionality of every individual body. We all need to tweak our eating patterns and diets according to the functionality of our lifestyles. Adding

supplements to our daily routine does not ensure adequate amounts of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs, as they are definitely more difficult to absorb. So do try and eat what your body requires. Not only will you have the pleasure of taste but you will also give it what it needs.


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