We can be all that we want to be -Join me for Back2Basics. The secret to good health is in our hands. All that is required is the understanding of how we can enhance the benefits that our daily food has to offer. We can boost our energies with the right combination. We can barricade our bodies from various problems by increasing our immunity. At Back2Basics you will learn how.

All of us know it’s very easy to give up after an age saying, who’s going to look at me now…..but……..aren’t u? Don’t you want to feel good about yourself or are you going to delegate yourself to finding flaws in the mirror every day and then avoid looking there again and then allow yet another day to go by, till you finally look at your wedding photograph and sigh, “I wish I could look like that again.”

Each one of us perceives a picture of ourselves in our minds….an image of the person we would like to be, and then…….then we find reasons, excuses, problems, circumstances that we think stop us from being that perfect person. But does it have to be this way? The caterpillar has to break open the cocoon itself to emerge into the world as a butterfly. Without the strife, its wings do not become strong enough and they cannot bear the strength of flight and it will perish. We live in our self-built cocoon and dream of the skies. It’s only the ones that rise up to the challenge, that is willing to push their limits that make their dreams come true. There is No reason why we cannot live our dream. If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it then… at Back2Basics….You Can Achieve It.

So why not embark on a journey right away, to make those wishes come true. Of course, you can’t go back to looking as you did in your twenties but one can surely turn back the clock a little. Learn how to at Back2Basics by setting a realistic goal, a specified time target, and commitment to love your body. It’s not just about losing weight or cutting the flab…it’s important to feel and be healthy. And it’s never too late to try to make your dreams reality. Maybe the strenuous regime of a gym workout with weights scares you, or your low energy levels have slowed your metabolism, there has probably been an overindulgence of the good things in life or the stress of running a household or simple disregard to one’s own health in comparison to our loved ones for whom we prepare ‘nutritious’ meals. There will always be an excuse that will undermine your need or want to start that journey but don’t you allow that to happen!

Having a family history of diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, I have had to be conscious every step of the way that. I love food so I make sure I regularize what I eat, balance my meals with the correct exercise. You can too. Just remember for the best results and permanent ones we do need dedication. For me, it was a health scare that woke me to a reality that just walking isn’t good enough nor is fad dieting. There is a science and balance to it all. And once one realizes that you don’t have to restrict yourself with anything.

We can achieve whatever we want if we kick the “L”. That’s Lethargy, laziness and the lack of motivation. Don’t wait for a tomorrow to begin what you can today. No one else can motivate you unless you feel it within you to make that change.

If gyms make you conscious and individual trainers are not affordable use the space within your homes. Don’t use time as an excuse either. Didn’t you get up a little early for your kid’s school or stay awake to entertain guests at home….well you can surely take out an hour for yourself. I made sure I did and you can too. Join me at Back2Basics.


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8 thoughts on “JOIN ME FOR BACK2BASICS

  1. Shehnaz Reply

    Hi Bhaygashree, I was impressed by your talk at Tedex. What are your views on ayurvedic diet plan. Recently I have been reading a lot on the natural healing ( naturopathy) and have also borrowed a few tips from this ancient method of eating. Thanks.shehnaz

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Dear Shenaz,
      I do believe in natural healing, but ayurveda requires a lot of study to follow, so do not do it without proper guidance. Tips for healthy living are always good to incorporate

  2. SNEHADAS Reply

    each & every line is very true & important of the blog………. dedicated to all women… specially house wifes………..

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