Yes ! its is a berry with loads of antioxidants. It was also called the Chinese gooseberry .A native of China, it had its name changed because of export policies when it was brought to New Zealand. But that doesn’t undermine any of its berry qualities. High in Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin K along with its high antioxidant properties. The kiwi fruit with its high water content and its tiny black seeds is a good source of fiber too. The crunchy black seeds of the kiwi fruit make an addition to the antioxidants by providing folate and iron along with the other nutrients of the berry.

Though when we think of kiwi we consider it just another exotic fruit with a flavorful tang to add in desserts, but it is more than that. It is of super help in the digestion of meat dishes. By using it as a tenderizer for meat, you can reap its benefits with less cooking time and food being easy on the stomach too.

With high levels of Vitamin C, it is prescribed as a good addition to the diet of those who are asthmatic or suffering from respiratory problems. The kiwi also has mild laxative effects for those suffering from a perpetual constipation issue. Kiwi is also a collagen boosting fruit with Vitamin E, advisable for good skin. It is also a sleep inducer. So one can actually multiply the benefits by having a kiwi at night before bedtime, assuring your beauty sleep.

Though it is not available throughout the year, it is a welcome change to using oranges in fruit bowls. Try the kiwi as a smoothie or cut into pieces and serve chilled with lime and sea salt. Use it in your cold soups, in meat gravies or of course by itself.


So go green today and keep aging at bay.

2 thoughts on “KIWI –THE SECRET BERRY

  1. Mohinish Nirwal Reply

    Last year, my mom and dad had dengue and the doctor recommended Kiwi. Very useful fruit. By the way, what other things have high antioxidant content?… I mean easily available…Guess what? Lemon and Green Tea… Lemon juice in the morning creates a good alkaline balance and it gives energy for a great start.

  2. SNEHADAS Reply

    nice to read it…..but maine abhi tak kiwi taste hi nehin kiya… kyun ki west bengal mein kolkata mein yeh milta nehin…!!!

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