I believe that reality is just a perspective; it really is mind over matter. What you believe, you can achieve. When I suffered from calcification of my shoulder and subacromial bursitis of rotator cuff I was told undoubtedly that I would require a surgery. Frightened of being incapacitated, I chose to seek alternative therapy and succeeded. Prompted by my own journey of holistic healing methods via nutrition and simple exercise, I wanted to learn more. I was intrigued by the phenomena of alternative healing therapy. The possibility of challenging one’s worst fears and turning them around by understanding their triggers was fascinating. With this began my journey of “Back2Basics”.


The human body is an amazing machine, it changes, it adjusts, it rejects, it fights, it repairs and heals. Modification is happening constantly as we thrust on it what we do, we desire without really applying much thought to its well-being. Yet, most of the time it serves us well, through all the vagaries we subject it to. Then….one fine day, it chooses to revolt and we react like a pampered child whose demands are thwarted. Think about your own body as another entity, mind different from body and ask if you have truly treated it well.

We give our body food, rest and even some TLC (tender loving care) at times but rarely is it adequate to compensate with what it is dealing with. Sometimes our bodies take the brunt of our worries, our fears, our anger, our depression. What we feel is manifested in different forms in our body as it relentlessly tries to keep up its good work. What we know as hormones are receptors of reactions, transmitters of signals rushing through our circulatory systems. They cause chemical reactions in the body, causing changes. This can even lead to a chain reaction which can even compound to disasters such as heart attacks. In my case, luckily it was just my calcified shoulder and immobile arm.

When I perceived my body as a separate entity, it became just “matter”. Matter, which can be changed, controlled and re-shaped. Belief is a powerful word, and I believe that we can shape our future. Suddenly, the proverb, “mind over matter” rung through. I decided that I would heal myself. It was all about getting down to the root of the problem. Working towards it was a path of perseverance, patience, dedication and diligence. It is not an overnight process of a wave of a magic wand but that of nurturing. Deciding to understand, de-coding what our body needs is a process though not as complicated as it may sound. Listen to your body. It speaks, gives you hints if you are receptive. It complies with orders you give, molds itself to adjust and betters itself with encouragement.

As science progresses to de-mystify certain diseases and illnesses, the word stress seems to be emerging a lot more. The root cause of a lot of problems seem to converge at stress. Today’s modern world is going back to meditation, yoga and spirituality in a desperate attempt to seek solutions over medications. What we really need to be is a little more aware. Sensing and addressing the trigger points of what causes disturbances in our systems we can do away with many physical issues that trouble us. Alternative healing therapy has a lot to do with that belief and it works. I now have chosen to impart this in my wellness program, “Back2basics”. Do join me on my wellness program by writing to info@back2basics.online  Change, believe, achieve! It is after all mind over matter.

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  1. Nalini dogra Reply

    Hi..beautiful in n out…truly inspired by u…want to join..gone through a journey…n love to learn more

  2. Sana Zahra Reply

    Your blog gives me hope n motivation..this time, I’m taking “Belief” with me as a gift , thank you so much ❤️

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