Serotonin is the hormone which gives us that feeling of contentment and satisfaction. It’s also called the feel good hormone.

It is a hormone that gives us a feeling of happiness, well-being which we can easily maintain throughout the day if we ingest carbs in small doses or better still have complex carbohydrates which bring about gradual release of sugars in our system. Have oats, whole grain pasta/rice, green peas, lentils, sweet potato, quinoa, barley. These foods will give you a feeling of fullness over a longer period of time and reduce the hunger pangs that often send your mood spiraling down.

When we give our body what it requires before the craving starts, we can alleviate that feeling. It is unwise to put our body into a deprivation mode because it will restrict release of all the happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphin. So don’t go on a carbs free diet, just choose wisely. Instead of a spurt of sugar rush that takes us momentarily to heaven, we can create our heaven right here on earth. So while a lot of weight watchers are told to stop or reduce carbs …in the long run it will create a negative effect as one will no longer be able to complete one’s daily routine with equal stamina or sustained performance.

Not being able to absorb the right amount of aminos (protein) will also cause physical and mental fatigue as the cells will not be able to repair and grow. Merely eating extra protein doesn’t help in this situation as it has to cross the brain barrier for the neurotransmitters to react to the protein absorption. This can happen only when the levels of insulin rise by having carb intake which creates a larger window for the proteins to reach the brain to be able to produce serotonin. Eat right, eat well.

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