You can choose to be happy. Happiness is not a reaction, it is not even an action that requires a reaction. It is a state of being. We look at achievements to be made, resolutions to be fulfilled, turning dreams into reality, all in the perpetual search of happiness. And as the year draws to a close, we start balancing the glories with the falls, forgetting to reflect on moments that have made memories.

I believe that happiness is gratitude, a show of appreciation.
It is a little curve that makes things straight.
The sugar after salt, the laughter after tears.
The silver lining of a cloud.
The sunshine, manna, rain.

For every 10 things that go wrong, we have 100 things to be thankful for. Make a list of all the things that have given a smile to your face this year. Simple things, everyday routines, people you love…..and you will have cupped happiness in your hands.



1.When you cannot find an umbrella in the rain but that someone with whom you can get wet.
2.When the naughty twinkle of your eyes outshines the stars in the sky.
3.When your baby smiles at you…that feeling of pure love.
4.When someone apart from yourself believes in you.
5.When you get a call in the middle of a hectic day just to say, “I love you.”
6.When you dig into that first bite of chocolate mud pie.
7.When you get a relaxing massage when your muscles sore
8.When you have had a good workout.
9.When it’s cold and you snuggle inside a warm comforter.
10.When you have first fan moment of your inspiration.
11.When you have slept like a baby through the night.
12.When you find the perfect dress.
13.When you still fit into your college dress.
14.When you finish making a tasty meal.
15.When you get your first-morning cuppa without asking for it.
16.When your boss pats your back for a job well done.
17.When your schoolteacher remembers you.
18.When your kid says, “My mumma is the best.”
19.When you get tickets for the movie you are dying to see.
20.When you get a free upgrade in a packed flight.
21.When you reach home tired and your Mom-in-law has laid out your meal.
22.When you plan a holiday.
23.When the melted cheese creates flavors in your mouth.
24.When you make it past the traffic light.
25.When you meet your school friend after years.
26.When you don’t have to wake up early.
27.When you feel the wind in your hair as you run.
28.When you smell the first drops of rain.
29.When you get the first bouquet of flowers for no reason at all.
30.When you get a foot massage.
31.When everyone loves your new haircut.
32.When you realize you have found the ONE
33.When your parents say yes.
34.When His parents hug you.
35.When you get glamorously dressed for the sangeet.
36.When you know your ex is jealous.
37.When you wake up in each other’s arms.
38.When …
39.When you finished your first ever skydive.
40.When you can finally swim.
41.When you score a goal.
42.When you get a shoulder rub.
43.When you see the sunrise.
44.When you enjoy a sunset.
45.When you have clocked 10000 + steps on your pedometer without going for your walk.
46.When your best friend is coming to town.
47.When you trust yourself more than google maps and you are right.
48.When after the most exotic and extensive dinner, the restaurant owner says “The bills on me.”
49.When you think you are sober after your last glass of wine.
50.When you get lost!!

Yes, I do!! I feel happy when I get lost cause it’s so exciting to discover new places, new things, new people without expectation or anticipation. Weird but true.

Well, I have noted down 50 out of the 100 things that could have easily gone right in the past year that could and should have given you happiness to create moments which memories. So make your own list of the 100 and celebrate life today.


  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    these 50 mantra of living life with happiness……….are just awesome, positive & faithful………thank you so much for the blog….

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Thank you Sneha…keep reading and write out your own list of things you are grateful for …it helps fill your life with gratitude, humility and live.

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