Can we become a Santa for someone this Christmas? Remember as a child we would wait up the nights hoping to catch a glimpse of him somewhere. Then get all dressed to meet a Santa in one of those Christmas parties that our parents used to take us too. Oh! How our parents always made the effort to give us what we thought we had secretly wished for from Santa…..and yet they never took the credit for the same. It’s only much later, probably in our growing teens that we must have realized that when our parents wrapped the secret Christmas gift for a younger sibling. Yet, we never brought it up, never thanked them for those numerous Christmas gifts the imaginary Santa got for us, Can we begin now?

Christmas, the season of joy and cheer, celebrations and reflections, sharing and caring. As we begin the countdown to the New Year, let us wrap some special gifts and become a Santa for all those whom we care for and for all those who need to be cared for. I agree it’s not possible to reach out to everyone. But in a city of almost 22 million people, if even half of us decide to be a Santa to 5 people in the next 5 days, imagine how many lives could be filled with Christmas cheer.

The spirit of Christmas is giving back in humble gratitude of all that we receive through the year. Like I said in my previous post, we often fail to count our blessings. We reflect heavily on disillusionment, failures, broken promises and unfulfilled dreams and then, unfortunately, carry the burden of this luggage into the next year. We have 5 days now to change our perspective, to reevaluate our journey and recreate the beginning of our New Year.

Let’s begin at home by saying grace for all we have received. We often take for granted those who love and care for us on a daily basis. They could be our parents, our siblings, friends, family, and even our house staff. Choose your 5 from them if you wish and see how a simple gesture from you could brighten their day. And what you give will reflect back on you tenfold. Love always boomerangs.

Sometimes interaction may not have been pleasant and you may still carry a resentment or a grudge. Now is the time to let go. No, not because you are benevolent but because they have been the givers. From people who have hurt us, we learn to be strong, from people who have left us we learn to be self-sufficient, from people who have caused us pain we learn to forgive, from people who have shamed us we learn to be empathetic towards others. Every experience will have taught us something to better ourselves if we are willing to learn. Think of all those as teachers from whom you have received knowledge of life and you will no longer feel let down.

So, I leave you all to celebrate Christmas by painting the town red, in the color of love and beginning the New Year as light as a feather, as open as a bird’s wing to soar higher in the coming year.
Life is about being a better you today than you were yesterday. And if you have read this until the end…you already are. God Bless you all and Wish you a very Happy New Year.

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  1. SNEHADAS Reply

    god bless you too….merry christmas & a very happy new year with joy, hapiness, prosperity & good health.

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