Juicy red strawberries are really hard to resist. One of my favorite winter foods. As a child, my winter vacations were always in Mahabaleshwar and the memories of hand picking the strawberries from the strawberry farms are as vivid as they can be. They got further concrete as I continued the legacy with my children. Last week when I did a weekend stay at Mahabaleshwar, I couldn’t but help re-living the experience.

Now of course apart from their visual delight I am also aware of their huge nutritional benefits.

  1. One of the superfoods packed with Vitamin C to raise immunity.
  2. Has phytonutrients, flavonols and proanthocynidins which help in cognitive functions, maintaining a healthy lipid profile.
  3. A super antioxidant that protects against free radicals
  4. Has good amounts of manganese, folate, potassium, copper and iron.
  5. Contain Biotin which is good for the skin and hair
  6. It is s source of Vitamin E which is essential to maintain a healthy heart
  7. It is rich in the complex group of Vitamin B’s
  8. Low in calories
  9. It is also a good source of dietary fiber
  10. High water content of almost 97% makes it an ideal mid meal for feeling of fullness and to combat dehydration.

Strawberries are amongst the most popular berries and are often used on celebratory sweets and confectioneries. Hugely popular in cakes, jams, marmalades, ice-creams and many desserts. However the nutritional benefits are maximized only when freshly eaten. So make sure you fill up on your nutritional deficit of antioxidants by making strawberries a part of your diet. However it is essential to note that these fruits are not available the whole year round. The benefits of strawberries are only as a seasonal fruit from December to February. During rest of the year the chance of them being injected with enhancers are huge, hence completely avoidable.


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