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The standing plough pose though seemingly easy requires a tremendous amount of concentration, core control, stability and balance. As you extend your leg backward, stabilizing your body weight on the leg on the ground, you have to make sure that your hips do not imbalance, your pelvis remains straight, and your body weight is equally divided.

Unlike the “halasana” or the regular plough pose in yoga that can give rise to cervical issues, the standing plough pose enhances to stretch and elongate the spine without putting it under any strain or pressure. The gradual shift of weight as you lower your head to the floor, has to be controlled by your core muscles. The activation of these muscles enhance the working of the underlying organs such as the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas. The standing plough also relieves symptoms of stress, anxiety and fatigue. It can be beneficial to reduce menstrual cramps as well as symptoms of menopause.

The posture in itself signifies being grounded to reap maximum benefits, as does the working plough. Embedded into the ground, it brings forth a rich crop yield. The standing plough pose brings about mindfulness. Its meditative and internalizing energies, bring stability and balance. As you begin to retain the standing plough pose for even a count of ten, you will experience your tensions easing. The actual time being short but the focus and concentration required to achieve this pose is far more precise, allowing no other thought to cross your mind at that point of time.

I have only just begun to achieve the correct positioning to this beautiful form of meditative balance on my left. My right leg still cannot achieve that perfection of balance though I make sure I spend enough time on both sides. I am sharing this with you so that you realize that we all are work in progress and it is only gradual persistence and perseverance towards our goals that help us achieve what we set out to do.

Focus on the present, on what is at hand and you shall begin to evolve. Giving up is easy, trying makes things possible.

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