Isn’t life worth living without this constant need to be what others want us to be? This question popped up with the untimely demise of the iconic star, Sridevi. Was it this projection that led her to be under pressure and be the cause of her passing away? Lots was written, discussed and even judged at this unfortunate event.

“Why don’t public figures have the privacy of peace even in death?” was the thought that surged through my mind. Did it not chance upon people to think that she was a mother, a wife, a daughter with a separate plate of responsibilities to be catered to? Was all this so trivial? Wasn’t this itself enough to have a life worth living?

Sridevi didn’t need to prove or project….. She had an iconic stature already thanks to the immense body of work done by her. Her contribution to the Indian cinema is invaluable, be it Sadma, Nagina, Himmatwaala, Chaalbaaz or Mr.India. Having begun as a child actor she has to her credit more than 300 films. At a time where social media did not exist, when one was known purely by the work and effort one put in, there is not one word about her incapability or unprofessionalism which itself proves that she was in a league above many. She was unparalled in her art and is and will always be looked upon as one of the finest artists of our industry. To thwart that talent and question her need to conform to body images required today on social media is absolutely demeaning. To all those mindless faces who seek recognition through pointing fingers and finding faults with others, I ask them to do a little introspection and find perfection within themselves first. It is sad that when a person is no longer able to defend oneself, many people seek to provide insight into dimensions never touched before. It is a sense of vicious voyeurism to fragment a public figure’s persona. Get a life people!!!! Try and make something worthwhile of your own rather than invest time in putting someone else down. Pause to think before you comment on the implications of this kind of talk on the bereaved family.

Sridevi had led a full life. She was in a profession she loved and it shows through her work. She was married to a man who adored her and that shows through the grace and confidence with which she carried herself. She had 2 lovely daughters who loved their mother for being with them and nurturing them through their childhood with complete dedication. She led a life on her terms and life worth living. May her soul rest in peace.


  1. Adit Badoni Reply

    Sridevi has left a vacant spot for both her family & film industry which can’t be covered ever. As an artist, she created a name for herself in a largely male-dominated film industry. Being a SUPER-daughter, sibling, wife, & mother, she was a true SUPER-Star all the way. She was a person par excellence having managed both cinematic and familial commitments wonderfully well during respective stages of her life. She will be remembered, and missed deeply. RIP Sridevi…..

  2. mahnaz Reply

    Thank you.May her soul rest in peace.Greatest actress. Stunning and perfection in acting 💔Nobody can do expressions like her. Her talent will be missed.😔Worst actress of all time💕Thank you for the memories. Watching your old movies with Ma & honoring you. Love u so much sridevi💖U always live in my heart😘😘from IRAN

  3. Lipika Reply

    Thanks for this article on Sridevi. I too am a fan of Sridevi not only because of her powerhouse performances but also because I think she did the best that she could in the prevailing circumstances of her life. Though people accuse her of being a home breaker, the same people don’t accuse her husband of giving up on his first wife in the same place. Her personal life was not glamorous like her onscreen persona but she was a good wife and most importantly a caring mother to her two daughters. May her soul Rest In Peace.

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      I am glad you agree Lipika. Unfortunately, many people derive pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in pulling others down. Its difficult to walk in another’s shoes and one should reserve judgement till one can do that. May her osul rest in peace.

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