Focus to understand, focus to achieve. Be it in education, or on the field facing competition, or your single minded determination to be the best in your job you need to focus. To experience happiness you need to be at peace, to be at peace you need to have stability of the mind and to have that you need to focus on the present. Mindfulness as they call it is the term used for living in the present moment. One word leading to several goals in various fields. But one has to train one’s mind to do so. It doesn’t come that easy and yet when you finally get to doing it, you will wonder why you never did it before.

Meditation they say helps you to focus…but I feel it is sheer mindfulness or rather immersing yourself into anything that you are doing wholly, completely. When you are in the moment, you are tuned into its frequency and your energies are in synergy with the thought, object or goal in front of you. Its then, that desire, determination and diligence can be molded into one focused arrow that reaches its mark.

We have often seen that our mind is filled with various thoughts which are diverse from the action we are doing. We have already begun thinking about its consequences or on what caused us to do it. We do not focus on achieving the action with a 100 % concentration and that’s when the results are altered.

While writing an exam paper we are constantly watching the time, while eating our food we are thinking about the pending work, while working on a project we are constantly seeking appraisal from our boss. Try doing any of these things with completely mindfulness. Write a perfect answer ..if you have studied well, words will flow. Enjoy the meal in front of you and you will find yourself more energized to

complete your work. If you work on a project with your complete mind and heart into it, your boss will see your hard work and effort.

Arjun could hit the arrow into the eye of the revolving fish only because at that moment of time that is all he saw. To be in the present is to be in sync with yourself. More can be achieved than you know, more can be enjoyed than you can imagine and more can be achieved than you desire. So focus and make life happen for you.

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