Celebrate your journey- nothing is too small or insignificant. If you begin your day with gratitude towards all that you have and a spirit to make yourself better today than you were yesterday, you have given yourself reason enough to celebrate. If you equate the accomplishment of every little goal as a victory over the fear of the unknown. It will gradually lead you to discover latent talents within yourself that will help enhance how you project yourself to the world. You will learn to believe in yourself.

I am an actress, wife, mother, and daughter with different roles to play and yet at different milestones, or at regular intervals I get questioned about my capabilities, abilities and accomplishments. There was a time when even I asked myself, “I am good enough?” It is much later down that road that I realised that sometimes the perceptions of other people about you can affect the way you perceive yourself. It is the perpetual need to please, to get acceptance and appreciation from others that make us feel let down, dissatisfied.

We have to at the very onset accept ourselves as individuals, as unique without a pre-set mold that we have to conform to, to be stamped by others as ‘ok’ or ‘pass’. We have our own journey as they have theirs. We cannot live life balancing the glories with the falls. Neither can we be complacent if we feel we can improve, we can evolve, we can grow.

Don’t let the anxiety of the unknown, the fear of failure deter you from making your dreams your reality. Break out of the comfort zone and do that one thing that you have never attempted before. Ride a bike, sing a song, learn to jive….attempt that one easy task of a short term goal that will give you the confidence and wipe out the fear in your heart. How will this help?….You will wonder….it has nothing to do with my journey or goal ahead. How will riding a bike get me that top job that I aspire to make mine? How will singing a song give me the confidence to walk down that ramp? How will jiving help me to win the competition that takes me to the Olympics?

Maybe in your endeavour to ride a bike, you will learn that the easiest and fastest way to learn is never to stop after a fall. To brush the dirt of your knees and pedal hard again can equate to not letting depression slow down your enthusiasm at work when you are not appreciated.

Maybe when you sing that song in front of people you will cease to let the constant stare of eyes bother you as you mesmerize them with your vocal talent. The same can be accomplished as you walk on the ramp, humming that song in your head, giving you the confidence to move confidence and rhythm.

Maybe as you learn how to jive, you learn how the synchronicity of movements make you enjoy the fluidity of your body. That can ease the tension in your muscles when you hit the water for that winning swim allowing you to surge ahead like a fish, comfortable in its own environment.

The endeavor to be better today than what you were yesterday in itself is a celebration. When you enjoy the journey, the joy of discovering another you will be boundless. Gratitude is like a silent warrior use it to win your battle to conquer your dreams. Do not forget to reflect on moments that have made memories. Happiness is not a milestone to reach, it is a state of being .…. instead celebrate the journey.


  1. Ashok Reply

    Excellently pen downed. You have been my inspiration from your first super duper movie Maine Pyar Kiya. My all time favourite. Seen uncountable times as it changed a lot in my life all in good aspects which can’t be expressed in words. Your blog is a motivation to lakhs of ppl.
    Keep up the good work.
    Congratulations to your son on best debut award. What a moment I can feel to get your first award from your mother’s hand incredible & the biggest of lifetime.

    Take care, be safe & healthy.
    Ganpati bappa morya ????

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Thank you for your kind words. Do keep reading my blog and enjoy the benefits of the tiny hints I provide to enhance the celebration of your life.

  2. Naim Reply

    You wrote the article wonderfully. Maybe I needed it, because it is a time of some trouble so thank you very much.

  3. Deep Reply

    Hi bhagyashree very much glad to read your article above… keep updating..
    Wish you best of luck…..

  4. Vinay Ananth Reply

    Bhagyashreeji, I am so happy to read this insightful & inspiring article of yours on “Celebrate your Journey”!!!
    Best Wishes,
    Vinay Ananth

  5. SNEHADAS Reply

    gratitude is the best therapy of our life to make us happy, confident & positive… very good writing & keep it up…

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