Fruit Peels

Did you know that peels of fruit have the most effective and active nutrients that your body needs? A huge amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are packed into the protective covering of many fruits.

The citrus fruit peels have large amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C. potassium. They make up for almost 30% of the fruits nutritional value and more so in its antioxidant properties. A lot of the peels are often used as zest in many foods. Not only does it enhance the flavor but also adds to its dietary value. The protective covering of these juicy fruits often are bitter or sour tasting. This acts as a repellant to pests and insects. Nature’s way to ensure that the fruits are not destroyed before ripening. However with the growing use of pesticides the major concern is that most of the fruit peels have soaked up all these harmful chemicals. But organic fruits can be ingested to enhance the benefits of all the minerals, vitamins, flavonoids and antioxidants that are present in abundance in the peels of many fruits.

Apple peels are known for their anti-cholesterol properties as well as reduction of diabetes, as they have pectin. It also has quercitine which is anti-inflammatory and fights brain damage and enhances memory. WatermeloFruit Peels n rind has citrulline which can be converted into arginine, an essential amino acid that is beneficial for the heart and immune system. The passion fruit peel helps in improving breathing processes, controls wheezing and improves lung function. The peels also have a good amount of fiber that assists in the digestive process of our bodies, preventing constipation and helping the gut flora.

Fruit peels can also be used as face masks. Banana and Papaya peels hydrate the face as the skin absorbs the nutrients. It is also beneficial for acne and to lighten pimple scars. Orange peels are often used to add glow and radiance to the face. Lemon peels are recommended for skin lightening and fairness.

So, as summer approaches and one starts eating all the fruits available in the market,  do think before you peel a fruit and throw away what can be a rich source of vitamin intake for you and the key to a glowing skin.

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