Being healthy shouldn’t be an option. It’s not just a saying “Health is wealth”, it truly signifies the way you live your life. Money can probably buy you most of the things except health and happiness. We often tend to disregard the most important and fulfilling aspect of our life …our ability to enjoy what we have simply because we are able to.

We are all aware that diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart/kidney/liver and lung problems even of the smallest kind can cause a huge amount of change in our lifestyles. Little do we realise that most of these are self inflicted or simply the result of being ignorant about our own body’s welfare. Suddenly everything that we have taken for granted comes under question. What is the use of money if we can’t enjoy the food, the joys of travel or have the zest and energy to play with our children, or worst, even have children?

Nothing happens overnight…it’s a slow process of wear and tear that this can happen. Our bodies warn us, giving us signs that we can read and alter our lifestyles in time. We have been given a system that heals and recovers fast if problems are detected early enough.

Usually it is in our 30’s that our bodies start signaling us to re access all that we have been doing. Smoking, drinking, excessive eating, fad-diets, altering sleep patterns, sedentary lifestyle, are major contributing factors to probably most of the above lifestyle diseases. We can alter, re-align all that we have been doing.

Being healthy is the only sure-shot way of being happy. If we are healthy we can accomplish a lot more by way of work, in our daily routines, enjoying life with family and friends. An understanding of the right kind of food to eat, the correct timings, the amount of rest/sleep required by your body to keep its energy and immunity levels intact and the amount of exercise to keep your body strong, agile and flexible will go a long way.

Being healthy is an everyday investment, so start listening to your body’s signals, and help yourself to remain healthy the natural way.

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