Home workouts do not leave space for boredom or excuses. They are a validation of giving your body the care it deserves. We must learn to prioritize health to be able to live well. It is important that we infuse stamina, agility to enable the smooth functioning of our joints/muscles and balance out our calorie/food intake with he calories we expend.

Neuroscience, has proved that exercise stimulates the birth of new neurons, which improves our cognitive activities, especially memory. So it’s not just the body that is getting energized during exercise but it also helps in rejuvenating the brain cells. Exercise requires concentration as well as co-ordination both of which require the neurological system to come into play, which in turn results in correct posture and precise movements.

5 exercises to strengthen your body, burn those calories, mobilize your muscles and joints that can be done at home with no other equipment other than a clean mat.


1 PLANK : Stabilize your body parallel to the floor on your forearms and toes. Your elbow should be in line you’re your shoulders, your eyes to the floor, your neck, your back and glutes all in one line, your tummy pulled tight (core engaged but do not hold your breath) and toes on the floor. Remain in this position for 30sec in the beginning, gradually reaching a minute or 3 sets. This gets your entire body muscles activated. Concentrating on the core will give you stability



2 LUNGES : Take one step forward and bend your knee so that your foot is at a 90* angle to the floor. Kepp you torso erect and hold for 5 counts and come back to stating position. Repeat with the other leg. Begin with 10 reps and work up to 3 sets. Works on your glutes, hamstrings, quads (lower body) activating your core as well. This will strengthen your lower body and create awareness for balance.



3 BIRD DOG : Get onto all fours and gradually raise your right hand and opposite leg, till they are in the same level as your body. Holding your core tight keep position to 5 counts before repeating same with the other leg. Keep the spine neutral and forehead parallel to the floor. Works on your glutes and core and shoulder together without engaging your back. Helps in proper alignment of the body. Start with 10 reps working your way to 3 sets.



4 SQUATS : With feet apart at hip width, pushing your glutes back, lower yourself into a seated position, without allowing your knees to cross your toes, engaging your core, holding your back as straight as possible. This helps in strengthening of your lower body as well as activates core. Start with 12 reps working your way to 3 sets.



5 JUMPING JACKS : The school workout, a cardio move which again compels you to hold the core tight. Helps in coordinated movements of arms and legs. Start with 15 reps working your way to 3 sets.



All these exercises can be done with different variations as you progress for different levels of intensity. You will realize that you don’t really require fancy equipment or a gym space to move, challenge or tone your body to workout at home.

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