Yeh mera India! History, architecture, weaves, craftsmanship, culture, rivers, wildlife, desert, forest and fauna, we truly have it all. A cauldron of cultures so diverse, a spectrum of traditions and artisans, a variety of cuisines that would amalgamate the best in the world. We are rich, we are abundant, we should be proud to be in India.

Yet today the feeling is far from this. Dissatisfaction overwhelms us when we look around, read the papers, go to work, interact with each other and lead our daily lives with regret, “why are we here?” The blame game starts from political scenario, to religious intolerance, changing morality, education and basic living standards. Riddled with questions about the future we sigh, “Yeh mera India!”

Long gone are those who fought for this very day when we Indians could raise our voices without fear. The battle to freedom has taken its toll but we cannot negate so easily the efforts of those self-sacrificing heroes. 15th August is India’s Independence Day. Apart from treating it as a national holiday which becomes a reason for mid-week Sunday pleasures how many of us think about our country or its war heroes on that day? Then suddenly pops an Ad film of the brand Maanyavar with little kids citing examples of national heroes and goading their parents to understand the true meaning of patriotism. A reminder, to the generation that will actually be the last to have interacted with those who experienced or have seen the war of independence. We cannot allow these stories of valor, of sacrifice, of survival to be delegated to the pages of history books. It is upon us to resuscitate the feeling of patriotism in the generation next.

Unfortunately secularism which was unique in our country has been massively misused for mere political benefits and patriotism unfortunately has been delegated to be a word for political instigation, tax benefits, socialite talks and the like. It has suddenly been molded to appear religion based, language based, and the unity that made India stand tall and strong to fight for her independence is lying shredded.

I believe that our strength as a nation lies in its tolerance and defiance blended together. It’s like the rulebook of a value-rich family where its members agree to disagree within themselves but when it comes to the outside world they will stand arms in hand, chin up to face anyone that bolts in through the door. We are culture vibrant, ecologically abundant India. If we learn to love, respect and value what we have here within us, we stand to have more power in our resources than any other country. Let’s build this patriotism within our hearts and souls. Let us break free from the shackles of negativity, procrastination, disorder and chaos of political cobwebs that have blurred our vision of a shining India.

With that spirit inside of us, let us celebrate our Independence day! Let us be proud when we say, “Yeh hein mera India”.

5 thoughts on “YEH MERA INDIA

  1. Kunjal Reply

    Hi Bhagyashree, you write beautifully. Can you please give me some tips to improve my English writing skills?

  2. Adit Badoni Reply

    Well written. Defeating all evil forces constantly trying to divide us, United we should stand so that proudly we can say “Yeh hai mera India and I am a part of it.”
    Happy Independence Day….

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