A few days ago I had put up a post on my Instagram, on how important it is to drink water. However, the main point was lost and comments that followed were only about how my way to drink water was all wrong. I was drinking water standing up. I, therefore, found it imperative that this does come up for discussion. There is an old wives tale on why it is a wrong way to drink water, as well as Ayurvedic write ups about its don’ts. It is necessary however to understand the correct reasons rather than just follow anything blindly.

The position in which we drink water is directly related to the speed at which it is drunk. This is the most important factor. When water is gulped down rapidly these are the immediate problems that can occur.

  1. It upsets the fluid balance of our body leading to increased toxicity and indigestion
  2. Air is blocked from going into our lungs which can lead to heart and lung issues
  3. Accumulation of fluids in our joints leading to arthritis
  4. Adversely affects the filtration process in the kidneys which can cause kidney and urinary tract infections
  5. The splashing of the gushing water against the walls of the gastro tract, stomach and intestine can damage the gentle lining of the walls causing rise of gerd and acidity.

All these could be factors to affect your health even when you are sitting down and having water. The main factor is speed. The reason is the same as why we have to eat and chew our food slowly. Water must be sipped, irrespective of your position.


We are told to sit and drink water mainly because people are not conscious about drinking slowly and the body nerves are tense when we are standing up. It is also due to the fact that this is the way we drink water usually when we are very thirsty or on the run.

We have to keep in mind that drinking water is a recovery and replenishing process. It helps to replenish essential salts and minerals lost when we sweat. It hydrates our muscles and tissues for proper usage. It maintains the fluid balance of our body that controls acidity levels. So when we drink water it is not merely to quench our thirst, it is a process of everyday repair and maintenance. hence irrespective of whether we drink water standing or sitting, we should ever gulp it down.


So drink slowly and drink enough.



7 thoughts on “WAY TO DRINK WATER

  1. Shashank P Reply

    I read it somewhere that “drink when you feel thirst” is it true ? And how much water should we drink in day?

    • Bhagyashree Dassani Post authorReply

      Generally, people cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger and that’s how people end up piling kilos. But seriously speaking the amount of water should be drunk considering our climatic conditions. In regions where one sweats more, our body loses a lot of fluid and will have to be replenished more.However an approx of 2.5/3 liters is good.

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