Grooming – perception matters!

We are never told or taught about the importance of grooming. Little do people know that it reflects on who they are as a person. Everyone goes over and over about how Bill Gates/Mark Zuckerburg plain dressing showed how clothes don’t maketh a man. Yet people don’t realise that simplicity does not mean shabby. Fresh out of the bed look may work for an underwear advertisement or garner eyeballs for a romantic scene in a film. Yet that’s definitely not going to create ways in your office space.

Even psychologists will tell you that appearance makes a difference in perception., not only for others but also in your own mind. The first signs of sadness, anxiety or depression would probably be lack of self-grooming. What the mirror shows you often reflect on how you feel. Even when you are sick and laid up in bed, the first sign or inclination towards betterment is wanting to shower, comb your hair, dress well. This particular aspect has even been incorporated into most hospitals. They now have salon services.


Hence I wonder why most Indians are so lack lustre where their grooming is concerned. It’s not about money required…its the inclination to manage the basic. It isn’t really difficult to iron your clothes, comb your hair and smell good. I know the moment i have written this, the answer to this will be…see the public transport they have to use to get to work. But isn’t it possible to reach your workplace and realign your needs? There will always be an excuse if there is an inclination to escape effort.


To be groomed in your basic appearance shows your attitude towards preciseness, perfection, and diligence. Very often if you can’t look after your own self how would you put in that effort towards anything else? Grooming has to be ingrained from childhood…it has to be a habit, a need. It reflects on how you perceive yourself and want to be perceived. No! It doesn’t undermine your work efficiency, professionalism or your dedication but it can hamper your chance of being given a chance to do it.

So pull up your socks, tightened that belt and wear your best smile. A sharper shooter will hit the mark.

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