Tea that’s good for you and need not be green. We have been surrounded with media, advertisements, health endorsements and newsletters all promoting the benefits of green tea. A strategized marketing propaganda for manufacturers that have given rise to a huge market for the product. Green tea has become a sign of being health conscious, something that one has to incorporate into your daily food plan. I am not saying that it has any ill effects neither am I neutralizing its benefits. Little do people understand that one doesn’t have to be fanciful, expensive nor force oneself to cultivate a taste of something that you dislike. Green tea or black, both are beneficiary to our health when the intake is in moderation. One can, however, reap benefits along with enjoying variant flavors. Tea made with quality tea leaves without milk but with a pinch of the Indian spice can totally flavor your health.


1 . Cumin Tea: It is magic for your tummy. Aids in digestion and prevents constipation/piles etc Roast one teaspoon of cumin with one teaspoon of fennel(saunf) and then boil it in water along with a sprinkle of tea leaves for a minute. Strain and then have …with honey for sweetness. Cumin is cooling and also is good on iron content.


2 . Star Anise: Drop 2/3 pods of star anise along with tea leaves into boiling water. Cover and turn off the heat allowing the flavor and spice to seep into the water. Add a pinch of cinnamon and a drop of honey to reduce the spice. It revs up your immune system to battle cold/a cough/flu and even influenza


3 . Black Pepper: The elixir of youth along with its properties of joint pain reduction and improving blood circulation. It can reduce premature aging, reduce wrinkles and keeps skin rejuvenated. Crushed peppercorns with ginger boiled for 3 minutes with a sprinkle of tea leaves and served after stirring in a teaspoon of dark jaggery is the potion for youthful skin.


4 . Nutmeg: Powdered nutmeg with slivers of ginger boiled for 2 mins with tea leaves and a touch of milk is what you need to keep calm and unwind.


So don’t screw up your nose and take that sip of green tea just to be with it. Use a little experimentation and whip up your own health potion.

6 thoughts on “TEA THAT’S GOOD FOR YOU

  1. अजीत Reply

    मेरी तो बस एक ही राय है,
    दुनिया में सबसे अच्छी चीज़ ‘चाय’ है!

  2. Sarika Reply

    Loved all these ☕️ We use these tea as a kahdha for long times our mom dadi &nani make these teas for us but we forget all these magical things now the tim come … back to our roots. .. thanks BHAGYASHREE mam we ????

  3. Neha Reply

    How good are the exotic teas (e.g. Earl Grey, chamomile, jasmine etc.) available in the market for health?

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